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Edmonton, Kelowna and Vancouver

Border’s finally opening up so I can go home for a visit. Just what’s new in these three cities that I should definitely not miss. It’s been about 3 years since I was in Kelowna and Van, and probably 5 years since I was in Edmonton, so mostly just curious about anything new that has popped up in these areas I should definitely check out in Sept?

Or just local beers I should look out for

So the answer to my own question, at least as far as Vancouver is going, for anyone who visits from now on, is House of Funk, House of Funk and House of Funk. Place is amazing, by far the best new Vancouver brewery I’ve had since Four Winds. Amazing place. I also liked Container though.

Kelowna has new stuff but nothing really worth looking out for, mostly just average or below average.

Edmonton has a bunch of interesting stuff but it’s kind of all over the place. Blindman was around last time I was there but definitely is the standout brewery. Snake Lake seemed alright by reputation but only got to try one of them. Blind Enthusiasm was very good too, but small sample size on those ones.

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