Elk Warning cider inconsistencies


Why is this flavour rateable:

…when this one isn’t?:

To my mind they’re both cacky alcopops rather than ciders, but I think they should both actually be rateable under current RB definitions?

Have posted in the UK forum rather than the Swedish as all rates seem to be UK ones.

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From the carefully selected apples we ferment the juice.
From the carefully selected apples we ferment the juice.

Same claim for both -
Seems they should be treated the same.

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Thanks for the heads up! There has been a mistake with the strawberry lemonade… err… cider. It is now fixed. As far as Kopparberg/ Sofiero you can rest assured that these products are not ciders by most known definitions. Hence all will be unratable until the producer presents a credible case proving otherwise.

Bottom line - if you buy for ticking on Ratebeer - I recommend alternative products.
Personally I’d recommend alternative products for any all purposes :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarification/fix.