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Email address verification?

I got this message when trying to add a place:

“You are not currently authorized to add a place to RateBeer. You will need to verify your email address in order to enable this feature. Please contact Services on the forum if you are having issues or believe you should be verified.”

@services can you please verify me? I’ve been on the site since 2014.

Did you check your profile to see if you have an email association with your account? In most cases that is the problem. RB has put this in as a layer to prevent all the spam place adders that have been running rampant lately.

Thanks. I did. The email field is empty and greyed out. It won’t led me add my email for some reason.

@services will definetly need to dig into this one as my admin powers won’t allow me to edit members info either.

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@YantarCoast I’ve updated your account to add your email address back. It’s also verified. You will however need to logout and then log back in again so it can get the details that you are verified.

Let me know how that goes and if you’re still having issues after logging out and logging back in again.

Services @ RateBeer

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Everything is working now. Place editing and adding rights have been reinstated.

Thanks for the quick fix!


@services, can you fix this?
Each time I SAVE my profile on the website, it removes my email address from my profile.

I can readd it using the App without problem, but this is a bug anyway, and might happen to others as well.

@services can you verify mine as well please? Definitely have an email attached to my account.

Appreciate the reason behind this, but couldn’t we get people automatically approved who have had a certain number of place and beer ratings?

@services please fix mine too. Field is greyed out and unable to edit it.

@wheresthepath your email address is already verified, however you will need to log out then log back in again and then the correct permissions will be on your account.

Services @ RateBeer

I’ll actually look into this, from what we’ve seen, the spammers are just adding places and not generally rating beers and places. So I’ll see what I can do about auto-verifying those users who aren’t verified by have beer and place ratings.

Majority of people are verified, they just need to log out and login so the correct data is stored in their cookies to allow the correct permissions.

Services @ RateBeer

I’ve updated your email address to match that on record with our auth provider.

I’ll be looking to fix the code so it is update-able correctly.

Services @ RateBeer

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I’ll look into fixing this exact bug now.

Services @ RateBeer

@Viper666.Qc It shouldn’t overwrite the email address anymore, however you still cannot update it on the web just yet.

Services @ RateBeer

Ok seems fixed!

@services I am getting the error message again (even though this time an email is listed in my profile). Can you look in this please?

Hello @YantarCoast

Sorry this has happened, could you log out and log back in? You’re still marked as verified. I just wonder if there are some old cookies on your browser?

Services @ RateBeer

Please can you add my email to my profile, it’s greyed out & I can’t add. I was trying to add a new shop.
Many thanks.

@services - same issue here. I would of definitely verified my email 8 years ago as have added places many times before. I can also see my email address is still there in my profile.

I just put all the information in the fields for the new place to then get to the bottom to see the message I am not authorised to add a place - feedback wise maybe a good idea to put the message at the top so we don’t waste our time if not able to add places :slight_smile:

Hello @Desverger

I’ll look at implementing your feedback on the notification. I’ve looked into your account and it’s definitely verified. You just might need to log out and then log back in to ensure the system knows you’re verified.

Services @ RateBeer

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