Emergency mini tasting

I have a beer emergency - I’m on a diet and detox but too many good IPAs that will decline quickly (trillium melchor ddh, heavy mettle etc). Was thinking of doing a mini tasting at my place Friday after work, around 5 or 6. Anyone down and around?

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Get 'em in a fridge - every 10 deg F reduction slows chemical reactions by about half.

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I’m in, and I got the green light from the wife so I’m down. I’d probably be close to 6, but I can let you know day-of.

If you need me to bring something, I can bring like one bottle of something. I want to make sure we actually achieve the goal of drinking down your stuff.

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sweet. bring whatever.

@GenDV138? @DCLawyer1 @noodleuser @iphonephan @nimbleprop @LagerWhisperer56 @discobot Baltimore crew @wutangfinancial @huhzubendah @OnTheTrail and anyone else I’m forgetting?

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

DCLawyer and LagerWhisperer56 have to pick up the kids at 5:30, so sadly cannot attend. Noodleuser is also unable to attend, per our discussion at Dominion last night.

I’m in jackson Hole. Can’t make it.

Bring the kids. There is beer enough for them too @DCLawyer1

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They were delicious.

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