English County Points Leaders

I have allocated points for the top 50 raters of beers from each English region (50 points for the person who has rated the most beers for the region down to 1 point for the 50th placed person). This gives the same amount of points for 32 rates in Rutland as for 3711 Greater London rates. As I last did this a while ago I have included the change, like a top 40 count down…

Position User ID Points Change
1 fonefan 2175 =
2 chriso 2124 U12
3 imdownthepub 2118 D1
4 harrisoni 1965 D1
5 cgarvieuk 1926 D1
6 madmitch76 1790 D1
7 maeib 1754 U1
8 leaparsons 1714 D2
9 ManVsBeer 1574 U1
10 Leighton 1545 D1
11 DJMonarch 1504 D4
12 Theydon_Bois 1487 =
13 oh6gdx 1363 D2
14 Fin 1343 D1
15 downender 1318 U1
16 WingmanWillis 1296 New
17 yespr 1246 D2
18 DruncanVeasey 1111 D1
19 Ungstrup 1053 D1
20 berkshirejohn 1038 D1
21 anders37 992 D1
22 allmyvinyl 983 =
23 SilkTork 937 D2
24 mR_fr0g 882 =
25 Stuu666 871 U2
26 Scopey 775 =
27 MesandSim 772 D4
28 Mr_Pink_152 766 U6
29 FatPhil 750 D1
30 mr_h 736 =
31 BlackHaddock 724 D2
32 The_Osprey 681 U3
33 hughie 667 D8
34 RichTheVillan 654 D3
35 Rune 630 U2
36 johndoughty 604 D3
37 SarkyNorthener 551 D1
38 AshtonMcCobb 511 U1
39 DonMagi 508 D7
40 DanielBrown 396 D2


Well the biggest poptastic mover in the charts this week is the frankly fantabulous ChrisO who climbs a mega monstrous 12 places, how pop diddly doodle tastic is that.


wonder if its tick related, with the recent bringing together Ticks(rates) and Rates(reviews)

This made me lose 50th place in Gloucestershire rates :frowning:

No big achievement but I’m much newer than all you lot so I was proud to finally break a top 50 somewhere only to get moved back down to 51st just a couple of days later lol.

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It is … Cgarvieuk
And that is why i think it is a bit odd that we have ticked beers as privat (hidden) but it they still count and nobody is just not allowed to see what value a people give a beer.

@fonefan (note @ before the person send them a note that they have been mentioned)
Yeah, im not sure i like the private bit. where info is hidden. I think its all still work in progress. SO lets see where this goes

I don’t think they count towards the beer’s rating though do they? In that case I think it’s ok for them to stay private but IF it does count towards the average rating it should be public.

But for example I see currently fonefan has 3094 ticks but all of them say non-qualified. So I think this means they don’t count towards the average and only he can see the score.

EDIT: Ok I think I misunderstood at first. I guess they DO count as a rating but it does NOT affect the average score of the beer. But for the purpose of these stats tables it does seem a little unfair.

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My 3094 ticks definitely counts in my Avg Score Given so therefore i can only assume it also will affect other places in the stats also …

So i see the point in having a private rating (not showing your review txt).
But with giving a beer a score and then not make it public and still make it affect the avg score i do not see the point.


I see. In that case I wonder if it’s a bug. I agree with you it doesn’t make sense to have private tick ratings count towards average scores.

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WingmanWillis might disagree: he has come from nowhere (the big ticker) to 16th.


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…and all this has changed again I think as chrisO and others rates (ticks) have moved out of the region totals.

Down 3, must be some Counties I can improve my standings

Yeah Joe claimed in the latest Friday missive that he’d corrected the counts in about 50 different places on the website, I assume much of this was stats tables that were incorrectly including ticks.

EDIT: Yes, can confirm Joe did fix this. I haven’t had any Gloucestershire beers this week yet I’ve now jumped up to 47th in the Gloucestershire rates table… Finally I have broken a top 50 somewhere. Now to catch up everywhere else :slight_smile:

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All that work and it’s all changed: hope your database thingy you’ve used can re-do it, please do so if your of mind too.


The art of getting into the top 50 of a county quickly is choosing the correct one/ones; Rutland, Isle of Wight and Surrey being the easiest beer total wise (I think), Shropshire is another easy hit too.

Good luck.


PS. You are miles in front of me with Gloucestershire already.

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Might have a look at this agin over a light beer, on Sunday afternoon. Watch this space… or don’t if the stats don’t interest you.


I fully expect to regain my 2 dropped places once poor Chriso and WingmanWillis have ‘been removed’.


Quick question on the stats scoring.

I have had 8 beers from the IoW. That is equal to the guy at 33 in the IoW rating list, but I am listed as 40th. Do I get classed as equal 33rd for the IoW or 40th?

Here to hinder!


I keep it basic, based on the place each person appears in the list of each regions top 50. That way i can copy and past each list into a single spreadsheet and run it through a basic pivot table.

This means you’d be 40th rather than equal 33rd. Sorry, but it keeps it simple for me…

I have redone this now that the ticks don’t count… Big moved are Chriso and WingmanWillis (sorry).

Position User ID Points Change
1 fonefan 2170 =
2 imdownthepub 2145 U1
3 harrisoni 2016 U1
4 cgarvieuk 1961 U1
5 madmitch76 1844 U1
6 leaparsons 1775 U2
7 ManVsBeer 1601 U2
8 Leighton 1599 U2
9 DJMonarch 1560 U2
10 Theydon_Bois 1537 U2
11 maeib 1513 D4
12 oh6gdx 1431 U1
13 Fin 1399 U1
14 downender 1372 U1
15 yespr 1308 U1
16 chriso 1300 D14
17 DruncanVeasey 1167 U1
18 Ungstrup 1116 U1
19 berkshirejohn 1080 U1
20 anders37 1063 U1
21 allmyvinyl 1025 U1
22 SilkTork 987 U1
23 mR_fr0g 951 U1
24 Stuu666 911 U1
25 Scopey 838 U1
26 Mr_Pink_152 832 U2
27 MesandSim 825 =
28 mr_h 805 U2
29 FatPhil 799 =
30 BlackHaddock 779 U1
31 The_Osprey 736 U1
32 hughie 699 U1
33 RichTheVillan 696 U1
34 Rune 687 U1
35 johndoughty 655 U1
36 SarkyNorthener 584 U1
37 DonMagi 557 U2
38 AshtonMcCobb 550 =
39 DanielBrown 431 U1
40 Rasmus40 400 U1

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