English Place Reviewing Totals (bit of a Stat)

Still only two people on RateBeer to have reviewed a place in all 46 Counties.


I hope to pick off a few more next year, but I have twelve to visit according to my list and I wont have the time or dosh to do all of them in a single year (other things taking priority over pub visits).

Anyone making a concerted effort to do the 46 anytime soon?


Im never gonna manage that. There are just a few places that are too far out of way from Scotland to sencible do
Ive tried to get as many as i can. Spent one day Driving roun 6 counties i needed . just so i could :slight_smile:

Man vs Beer is only 1 away and Fin seems to travel a bit.

You should spend some of your grey pounds and get out more Mr Haddock!

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Don’t start that again. You know full well I travel a bit, I am just behind you in Germany if I remember correctly and 34 English Counties is pretty good compared to most. Actually my map of England seems to have a streak through the middle of places without reviews, so I might race up the table quicker than I thought.

Oh, I’ve also reviewed places in 20 different countries and 50 different regions: happy with that haul.


I was gonna say 9th is pretty good for someone not from the Country but i see @Travlr is joint TOP

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Gene has a special gene though, so he’s allowed to be a Travlr.


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I’d love to get to all 46 but it’s going to take years. I’m just surprised I haven’t added any new counties since Rutland (December last year).

Strangely, I’ve probably drunk decent beer in a pub/bar in almost every county (except about W Yorks or Kent) but I don’t like to rate places that I’ve been to pre-RB.

I’m only teasing! I do quite a few following the mighty AFC Telford Utd about. Seems the Conference North is a pretty good excuse for scooping beers and counties. Hereford last week and Manchester this week.

I’ve been to brewpubs in every German Bunder but not since I joined Ratebeer. I think I’ve been to around 350 taps or breweries in Germany using the Camra guide. Be nice to do them all.

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Watching the Mighty Mariners has helped my scoring too, three in Exeter this weekend and a Service Station in Gloucestershire too. One of this years holidays was a ‘Grand European Tour’ with stays in German Brewpubs or towns with them in, as I drove to the Czech Republic and back.

Southern California up next.


Will try to be in the top 10 soon. I try to swing past a few new counties on the occasional drive up to the motherland.

Stats aren’t that great if I can get in a =27 and that’s mainly loo breaks at garden centres.

Used to do a lot of audits but haven’t had many decent work trips recently. Even my overnight in Maidstone became an afternoon. Need to go to Preston but may stay in Manchester instead.

and I’m only on top because I have more beer ratings but Wingman Williswas first. So Craig, you need to rate places in all 46 AND pass me (again) in beer ratings!
oh, and I had many co-conspirators who helped me - BlackHaddock, chriso and others. It was quite the enjoyable month. AVIS even sacrificed one of their hire cars so I could do it

Is there a quick way of seeing which counties you are missing?

I never realised that you were an AFC Telford fan, I am a Worcester City fan who were Conference North until relegation last season and then voluntarily taking a further drop down three leagues to the Midland Combination. Having said that my days attending matches is pretty much non existent these days. However I remember trips to Telford many moons ago.

Ha. im not envisioning passing you in beer ratings again. And i cant see me ever doign all 46
Ive no idea how you did it.

Getting to many of them left would be a trip just for a rating. And they are just too much of a detour just to get that one place



Click on england and see the Shadding. Unsurprisingly yours are nearly all just south of the border

Cheers Craig, well Staffordshire should be easy enough to pick off, but annoyingly I have been to pubs and had beer in everyone of those other places, spent weeks in Cumbria in Shap many, many, many years ago in another working life been to lots of places in Cornwall even just a few years ago in Looe, heaven knows why I never rated a place? Spent weeks working on the IOW again in another working life many, many years ago regularly drinking in Ryde, Lozs mum and Dad lived in East Yorkshire for a few years so have had plenty around there as well, grrr this is so frustrating, I should have had this stat cleaned up years ago, grrrr…

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Yeah. Your missing ones are much more achiveable to you than mine are to me. Plus Frank will really help you out on those slightly more distant ones.

Think I need 7 for RB but have drank in 44 of the 46 from pre RB days.

The only ones I cannot recall drinking a pint in are Northumberland and Rutland (though I have been to a couple of pubs in Rutland as a kid and had a fizzy orange !)

My RB missing counties have all been visited and pubs used, all back in the day, etc, etc (or at least I think so). I will slowly pick each offending one off the list at my leisure over the next few years. Unless of course I decide to ‘go for it’ and make a proper effort for some reason.


I had a mate (yes, honest) who would visit every County in England each year and drink in the first pub listed in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide for that County if it changed and he’d never been there before.


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