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Enter the stout amber/red

Just thinking about how stupid white stouts are, I started to imagine what if somebody went and tried to do an amber stout? Surely some brewery has done this already. Or should I go patent the next dumb hipster craze?

There’s at least one:


I’m looking forward to a black golden ale, that shit will be the bomb (probably been done loads)!

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Sorry but Bereta pre-emptively made this beer, presumably (and hopefully) mocking the ridiculousness certain breweries are taking things to these days. They also did a green coloured version of it.
Omnipollo would be proud.

An amber stout is too tame. You need to up your game.


I have seen blonde stouts which sound similar if backwards to what you describe.

Ya that’s pretty much why I did this thread. Another white stout…

Most traditional stouts are just White Stouts with food coloring I believe.



Don’t give them ideas…

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Guinness is red (from their faq).

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If you hold them up to the light, MOST stouts are not quite black

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Or even go the extra mile and pour it into a tall slim glass.
Not optimal for the style but it will show more color.

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