Equilibrium: I don't get it

These guys follow the same recipe as lots of IPA breweries, putting out 5 new beers a week. Fine, whatever. But they are always like a dollar more than everyone else? Even Other Half? And the (admittedly) few I’ve had have all been pretty average? Am I missing something here? Should I be stocking up on those $7 tall cans?

It’s not their fault, beer from the brewery is priced pretty well. Something about their archaic hype makes beer stores overcharge for them. Their core range stuff was like $30 a 4 pack in a few places when they first got distribution.

I’m not that concerned about the price since it’s typically a rare occurrence that we get them here in California, but I no longer buy them as the stuff I’ve had has generally been pretty mediocre. Several of the IPAs I had from them were super malty and caramel heavy (despite seeming to be fresh), which is the kind of stuff we made fun about even 10+ years ago.

$14 4 packs of their lager at State Line. I was kinda surprised!