Eric App

Is anyone still sucessfully using this?

It stoped working for Stuu about 2 weeks ago, and was working for me yesterday, but doesnt seem to be working now :frowning:

So is anyone still using this sucessfully, as theres still no usable alternative for me

I’ve used it succesfully yesterday, yes. Uploaded ratings and scanned barcodes.

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I wonder if updating the latest version of RB app has screwed it then :frowning:

Interesting. I can still use the app but will only try to upload new ratings tonight, we’ll see if it still works. I haven’t downloaded the official RB app yet.

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Just tried uploading and it works fine.

yes, still works. But bit annoyin as I have to sign out and in again, if I have not used the app for 15 minutes. But other than that, no problem.

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Damn, it wont even let me sign out, says connection is poor
will try later when not on work wifi

Try to click on “friends” then back to “my ratings”. That works for me without logging off and on again


Yeah thats a fav trick of mine.

Used to work, but I’ve got connection failure when trying this the last couple of days. Have not been able to upload ratings from the app.

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Its odd that its onlt some of us. and Def caused Stu probelms for a few weeks before it effected me

I have no plans using the app. They can fix the web first.

Yeah tried again. Apps def screwed for me

Most frustrating :frowning:

Screw the app, let them fix the web first, then they can move on.

Not wanting them to make any changes to Erics App, Just wanting them to not Break it.
Lots of us use it. For me i rate 99 on App to 1 on the main site.

We are talking about the old app - they won’t fix anything there because of the new app

I keep trying the New app. but without Offline ratings (many not just current ONE) its never gonna fly with me.

I’ve had some minor connection problems the last week, but mostly it Works, as long as I og throuh the friends tab before posting.

Ohh. Its working again on one phone (backup phone) other one is downstairs and im in bed. But i have hope