Eric's Ratebeer App no more supported

Ok it looks like Erics App has finally given up the ghost as it can no longer open any beers that have been added since th changes , So i need evaluate my options

So @services @joet @wyattm

The things that im doing with Erics app that are part of my Regular use

  1. Offline ratings, about 30% of beer i drink in the pubs doesnt exist on RB and i dont have time to add it there and then.
  2. Preloading. Looking up beers before i head to the pub based on online info and having a short list ready to order and rreview (uses the offline feature) I tend to order 3 -5 beers at a go.
  3. Enter the txt before the score
  4. list all the breweries beers. This is great as theres no txt just if ive rated it, and i can see all right away. New app. need to scroll and scroll and scroll and then it stops before ive even got to the ones ive not had., Plus its not alphabetically. SO nightmare to find

So i really need to know

  1. if we are ever going to get offline and if theres an eta
  2. if we can enter txt before the score

Both of them are serious blockers for me. The other 2 are just inconvenient

Id also be interested in hearing from any RB users who use the app regularly like 50%+ of their review, and what it is the like about it.

Its got to the stage now im seriously considering if an offline DB would meet my needs better. Which is a shame
But neither the Site or the new APP comes anywhere close to what my current usage patter and needs are


I have switched to offline notes loooong time ago.

I use an app on my phone that synchronizes notes with my computer such that I can then easily upload the ratings. But it costs me hours of extra time just because the new RB app refuses to do offline notes…


It’s a strange thing. I had a beer in Copenhagen this weekend that I simply didn’t get to to open in Eric’s app, everything else worked. I checked just now in the app, in the friends tab, some of the new added beers I can’t open, others I can. So there’s not a problem with all new ones either

i wonder if this is due to either missing fields like null for abv or because of new beer styles?

Im seeing it consistent with newly added beers . If i upload without searching it will upload but then says its still offline,

Just discovered to day the search issue but the 2 i tied were both the same. Just doesnt show any reviews, so i cant see if ive had or not, If i just click Write review, go away and comeback i cant update anythign ive written and thus cant even upload that

this is one i had issues with today

its got an Abv and standard style. But some change recently has definitly screwed it.

Honestly id like to move to new app, but the 2 points i listed are def show stoppers for my use case.
and Frankly i doubt anyone scores before they write their notes.

This is one I just found that’s not loading

Also, for a while, there is no redirecting to alias beers in Eric’s app. Any chance this can be fixed?

After I’ve rated the same beer on the web site tough, I can suddenly open the same beer in the app after refreshing the entire database. It’s kind of like the same thing as that after every rating I’ve finished, I can never upload directly. I have to go back to the main page, go to friends tab (or any other tab), back to main page again, open the beer rating and then post it. Sucks bigtime

Is there any prospect of the problem with erics app being fixed.

Or even better the 2 issues i have with the new app being address. Offline and Txt before numbers.

Id much rather migrate to a new and fully supported app, but id be happy with either.

I just need to know what my options are going forward.

Agree, especially on the writing before rating issue. Very annoying that this still isn’t fixed.

Eric’s app is unsupported and will remain unsupported.

The team has been working on rating flow for some time and this has involved talking to many expert and enthusiast users about how they review. There are current plans to allow a rating flow that allows for easy transition from attribute scoring to text and back which will debut in weeks or months.

There are no current plans for offline ratings and this means the feature is not likely, but is not impossible, for the next 6 months.

Did the experts and enthusiast users told you a brewer’s listing without any sorting options is useless :slight_smile:

Main reason why I don’t use the app in order to search for beers. I only use it to find Nearby Places and Tick quickly…

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Walking before running.

The mobile app has been steadily improving so in this way we listen to hecklers who are angry at us for starting slow and who don’t say anything when these same features finally become fully evolved. That’s ok with us. We prefer this method of building.

I’ll forward your feedback though. Thanks.

I like the spoted feature but given that a good 30% of beer i find dont exist its just not practicle to use :frowning:
but how do you do nearby places, ivce never worked how how to do that. Though mostly i know where im going :slight_smile: but there would be some times that would be useful

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When you click on the search box without entering text, you should see a “Near You” section which is the closest places. No ability to filter for unrated or place type, but it is still helpful.

How odd. One phone shows near you (just updated that one) the other one on the same version shows recently viewed.

Then this app is simply a useless piece of crap, nuff said.

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And you’ve used ages making this useless shitty app, where Eric used notime making his “new” app, still superior to your in every way. You’ve proven over and over again every time that you don’t give a shit about anything we say or request


This has been requested by users frequently and shouldn’t be too difficult to implement. Quite often, you don’t have wifi (outside at festivals, cellar bars, shops, foreign countries, whatever) or you need to save battery, or you want to take brief notes before entering a full review.

Offline rating is one of the most important features the app still lacks, implenting it would be a huge step forward. Reconsidering priorities would be highly appreciated.


apart from no data.

on my way home, i often visit 3 pubs trying 10+ beers, but im doing this in a tight timescale as i need to get home for tea with the family. The time taking adding new beers is impractical there and then.

i think its been clear from the start that a serious number of app users are using it because of the offline feature

im more and more convinced that what they want is something for casual new users, not the existing user base.

its depressing but its more and more looking like giving up rb and using a local database is becoming my best option or at least something i should be trying out