Eric's Ratebeer App no more supported

I only had 2 ratings offline in the app. I’ll get them out of there if I need to, but not stressing about it at the moment. The biggest loss is the entire offline posibility. Search through all your offline ratings (if you’re offline), add ratings offline to find the correct beer later. And the fact that you have one single screen with all the score and field to write the rating at once so you can write and add score at the same time. The old web page used to work fine on the phone using desktop mode, and just zoome in on the page. The new one sucks on both phone and computer. Before, if you did something and managed to go back one step, your started rating would still be there in the cache to be continued on. If you do something now that closes the on-top-rating-layer, then you’re fucked. I only use Evernote to frite my ratings now, and have them synced. But this way, and then finding the beer on the computer, and copy pasting, takes a hell of a lot more time than using Eric’s old app.


I’m now on Google Sheets on Google Drive so at least I can check if I’m offline. Long winded way of doing something that was so easy before. Especially for beers that don’t exist yet. Which in Britain is very often. I’ve got 40 odd breweries in Kent and I’m in a small small handfull of people who add Kent beers and breweries. I am having to add virtually everything now. It was so much easier with the app with offline ratings.

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Some kind of clemency period for us users to clear out our EricKok’s app would be most appreciated.

@Stuu666 has gone back to mostly untappd after me getting him onto RB 5 or so years ago as it was unusable over last fee weeks.

Im currently using the new app if beer exists and Eric app when it doesnt. But frankly is i dont get a sensible Eta on new app getting off line im done. Its just too much part of how i work. Im just gonna end up private DB on phone (which is where i started ) or quit keeping track (currently torn) but im not prepared to take nnotes and have the whole cut and past fiasco and given that im at least 1/3 not existing in day to day life and No time to deal with working out whats live and whats not at a festival like De Molen. were weeks away from me going screw it.
plan is De molen im using erics app, and then 200 rating on erics app we see the layt of the land (of course if new app has offline before then i will totally jump as it will be great test of it)

Yeah, as @cgarvieuk says, I’ve been using untappd the past couple of weeks when I’ve had internet access since Eric’s app went down. If an offline feature doesn’t return, I’ll be place rating only.

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Hi everyone,
We are planning to bring back the old app for two days, so that any offline ratings can be saved. Please see Joe’s update for the planned times Migration time for old RateBeer app


and what about offline on new app, is that coming and if so when?

That will be really sad if you do go.

I do hope that the powers that be can roll out something that will appeal to all.

I’d prefer not to, but unfortunately the untappd database tends to be more up to date now (even with all the duplicate/nonsense entries) and if I’m out and about I don’t have the patience to constantly add beers. Offline rating was fine for this as I’d add beers on the computer and upload later.
However, if the choice is between notepad for a beer that’s not on RB and transferring later, or untappd because the beer’s already there, I’ll go with the quickest option.


Yes I completely understand, but will be most disappointed if this is allowed to happen. I do go on untappd and really like how up to date it is and the ease of use, however I get frustrated with the character limit as I tend to say where I am, who with, what I’m listening to etc and by the time I would have completed this is would have nothing left to review the beer. Anyway I am drifting off topic, I so hope that you get an offline function.

It’s somewhat amusing that pre-RB I never noticed the limit but on the recent holiday I kept struggling to keep things concise! (and I don’t really write much)

I think that offline function clashes with the way in-app reviewing’s been constructed in the app since the beginning, back when they wanted to do away with reviewing as such, which is why we aren’t getting any answers, as they don’t dare or care to say “never”. Nothing’s downloaded / put in permanent storage really, all is “in the air”, which is why ratings are lost so easily (and were lost so much more easily before). The only explanation considering it’s repeatedly been sought after by many prominent users and we never had ANY answers regarding when and if it’s gonna be introduced.

Two days? Which two days? When? Are people supposed to drop everything and start hysterically uploading their offline ratings on, say, their workdays, or when they are out or abroad? And if they don’t manage, it’s gonna be their own fault, right?


I think you right. No though was given to off line when it was first designd and they dont want to reowk to allow it,
well if i dont get a possitive answer before De Molen in a few weeks. Im out. Like stu i cant work without offline unless i double /treble my work load and frankly ive just got better thinks to do with my life now.
It will be a shame to leave that part of my life behind. but if i cant do it right there no point doin it at all

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Numbers are down so they could use some money


Let’s continue the Draft Reviews/Offline Functionality discussion here

Hi @Marko,

For the two days, please see this message:

We wanted to restrict this to two days because we have identified that keeping this access was causing website insability over the last few months.

Please let us know if these two days don’t suit you and we can shedule some additional times.

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Making a basic feature a premium one? Must be a joke.

I don’t use the app. Many people I know do. Should they contact you to arrange dates when it suits them to upload their hundreds of ratings stuck there?

Seems to be working again, I managed to log in and upload my offline ratings this morning.

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Hi @Hermod,
Eric’s app will only be working for a limited time. Please see Migration time for old RateBeer app for details