Error submitting rating

It seems like as often as not when I go to enter a rating I get the message “error submitting rating. Please try again later.” It can take many attempts to get the rating to take and is really making putting in my backlog a slog.

Is there a fix for this or is the core feature of Ratebeer now becoming lost?

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:Using a chromebook while on vakay. Worked quickly & took the rating first time. Not sure what’s going on. I did have trouble, but logged out and logged back in with the legacy page and its OK now. :grimacing:

:thinking:I’m really concerned about the continued usability of this site. I better download my ratings, if that’s still possible.

Replying here as well since we have x threads about the same thing everywhere:

"The site is being worked on again, finally, and I’m chalking this bloody annoyance up to that (no people accidentally DDOS-ing the site by mass entering ratings by script, like a few months back, hah).

You might have noticed some small changes and fixes recently, small ones, but we’re technically in the best spot we’ve been in for a while now. It’s probably gonna suck here and there, and the lack of wider transparency and forewarning sucks as well, but there we are.

Now let’s hope that the major issues are resolved ASAP."


Thanks for the info Marko. I had not seen the other thread in this.

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