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So, here we are again. Trying to rate a beer and getting a ‘Error submitting review. Please try again’. Yes - thanks for that Microsoft level of usefulness error message, I’ve tried several times and guess what? Same error! So, once again Ratebeer can’t achieve its most basic function. So I’m left hanging with a rate in limbo. Ratebeer IT sucks.

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If you have tried several time with that result, open another window and check your ratings.

I experienced something similar - and once the rating is in that error message is generated upon a repeat.

A repeat you say? Apparently another mystery.

Cheers Bhensonb. When I say ‘here we are again’ - it’s with a semi resigned world weary shrug of the shoulders. The basic funciton of this website is to be able to rate a beer, and yet once again the appalling IT prevents that basic function. I’ve not seen this error before today, but it is yet another Ratebeer IT cock up that prevents me from rating a beer. Being able to rate a beer is hardly the most essential thing one does on the internet but again it goes to the fundamental purpose of the website.

I’m getting the same message using iPad but not iPhone when rating. I then get the error message when editing an existing review on iPhone. But for both I’m also finding that even when I get the error message the rating has still gone through. So I can still rate - it’s the error message that is the error.

Check @Grumbo response

I’ve received this on every beer I rated in the last week. Typically I do a Fast Rate with the app, then I type up a review on MacOS / Chrome. I get the error when I write up the review after the fact.

But the rating is always saved.


This is still going on but it seems entirely random.

Is there a plan to solve it as it’s kind of the fundamental function of the site @joet @services ?

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Is this Ratebeer problem with rating a beer ever going to get fixed? It seems less frequent but absoloutely has not gone away.

Also, this is not always an ‘error with the error message’. Out of the dozens and dozens of times I have received this message, there has been a handful of occasions where the message is telling the truth and the submitted rating has not taken. You can easily lose rates assuming this message is just a nuisance.

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It is getting more annoying as the error message is coming up pretty much every time now. Whilst I haven’t lost a rating yet (but always have to refresh once or twice to get it to show) it really shouldn’t be like this @services

Hello @Grumbo,

We are looking into the issue. It looks like there are two issues;

  1. The rating submits fine, however when the response comes back from the server, it cannot be written to the cache correctly and that aspect fails so you get an error message (this looks to be 90+% of the case)
  2. There is an issue when the rating actually has an issue and doesn’t save.

We just need to make sure we catch a proper error correctly and relay that to you (the user).

We’ll update this thread when we’ve had any changes.

However if you could help us debug this, that would be great. What we need to know is the exact process you go through to review a beer when you get the error.

i.e. do you quick-rate then write a review, or go straight to writing a review. And can you send a link to us with the review.

Team @ RateBeer

Hot damn! I updated some ratings today and did not get the error!

Isn’t it always the way? As soon as you finally get the attention of someone to fix a fault, the fault suddenly stops?? Maybe @services you already did something in the background that worked but as @egajdzis says the error has stopped tonight. Just did 6 new ratings and the error message did not appear once (whether it be a new rating or subsequent edit) on either iphone (using safari) or PC (using chrome).

To answer your earlier question though, for me the fault before was when going straight to review (or then editing). I rarely quick rate so can’t say it it was also an issue updating a quick rate (I suspect so).

If the error message returns I’ll be sure to let you know more of the specifics.

Otherwise - cheers!

Hello @Grumbo,

We’ve made a few small changes to how our data is transmitted so hopefully the clash doesn’t happen again. If it happens again please let us know.

Team @ RateBeer


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