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So, here we are again. Trying to rate a beer and getting a ‘Error submitting review. Please try again’. Yes - thanks for that Microsoft level of usefulness error message, I’ve tried several times and guess what? Same error! So, once again Ratebeer can’t achieve its most basic function. So I’m left hanging with a rate in limbo. Ratebeer IT sucks.

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If you have tried several time with that result, open another window and check your ratings.

I experienced something similar - and once the rating is in that error message is generated upon a repeat.

A repeat you say? Apparently another mystery.

Cheers Bhensonb. When I say ‘here we are again’ - it’s with a semi resigned world weary shrug of the shoulders. The basic funciton of this website is to be able to rate a beer, and yet once again the appalling IT prevents that basic function. I’ve not seen this error before today, but it is yet another Ratebeer IT cock up that prevents me from rating a beer. Being able to rate a beer is hardly the most essential thing one does on the internet but again it goes to the fundamental purpose of the website.

I’m getting the same message using iPad but not iPhone when rating. I then get the error message when editing an existing review on iPhone. But for both I’m also finding that even when I get the error message the rating has still gone through. So I can still rate - it’s the error message that is the error.

Check @Grumbo response

I’ve received this on every beer I rated in the last week. Typically I do a Fast Rate with the app, then I type up a review on MacOS / Chrome. I get the error when I write up the review after the fact.

But the rating is always saved.

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