Anyone else having issues? On Firefox I get a 504 error and in Chrome I get a 400 bad request. Site is working in mobile. I’ve submitted feedback a few times but no response.

Where are you getting the errors?

In the browser - Chrome and Firefox.

I think sometimes it’s best to kill the browser and begin again. Other times it seems to help if the whole PC is rebooted. Phone once I seem to remember. Or maybe we are now being victimized by the new FCC approach on net neutrality.

Sorry, laptop, pc,mobile?
No problems using my mobile. I hardly ever do anything on the site with my laptop anymore.

Yeah I’m getting it too, very intermittent and slow on the website and many 504 timeouts. Forums and app seem fine.

Timeouts are a problem with the web server / network RB is hosted on, nothing to do with what browser you use, closing it and starting up again won’t help.

I has been happening since last night. Currently the search function is not working.

I had this on and for six months or so, and again in the past few days. The site is unreachable for hours or days at a time. It seems to happen when code changes were made to the site (and the new forums - since they’ve been up - have never been affected).

Since not everyone has problems I tried on a different network (having tried hard refreshes, reboots and changing DNS servers) and found it was OK. So I rebooted my router and that worked OK (weird, but give it a try). So, oddly, it seems to be something to do with caching or site changes otherwise propagating through the internet. Doesn’t happen with other sites for me, but seems to here.