Essential Browser Add-ons to browse/work on the site

For me, on both Chrome and Firefox, I always use

Zoom Image
to quickly enlarge those tiny tiny beer pics all over the site. (hold R mouse, click L mouse)

to quickly edit and save pictures to upload.

Thanks for the tips.

What is the author of Zoom Image. I tried a few with similar names but didn’t find one that worked good.

I installed the Lightshot extension, that will come in handy.

I’ve always preferred HoverZoom+ to be honest. A lot of these types of extensions are really flaky though, so your mileage may vary. I’ve not tried the one Viper recommended but having to hold right mouse sounds annoying. Anyway hover zoom is open source so if you happen to be a programmer of some sort you can check it’s not doing anything fucky.

As for Lightshot. What is the point? Why not right click and save image? It’s always going to be higher quality than a screenshot. Especially if it’s from Facebook because it’s not shown at full size within the page.

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Hoferzoom is okay but because it auto zoom, it doesn’t work well with lightshot, where you need to click a button on the top menu.

Using light shot let you create a new image live, with the exact size you want so you don’t need to save the picture and edit it afterwards. It’s done in 1 step.

If there’s and anti-robot plugin anyone can find please let me know.

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I see your point, in which case it’s pretty handy. Personally I find myself very rarely needing to edit images before uploading. The image in your example looks ideal as it is.

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The image in my example is exactly how I edited it with Lightshot. I edited to look this way, otherwise there would be a lot more space around the bottle and the image would look way smaller on the website.