Estimated Calories

I still think this feature is a totally useless info that takes the place of some missing infos since the new layout.

But about those calories, we get a number but it’s based on which quantity of beer exactly? A glass (330ml), a pint (500ml)? A keg ;)?


The old ratings page had a tooltip when you hovered over the value. If I remember correctly it said it was for a 12oz serving, making it even more useless to half the site’s users.

Totally agree it should be replaced with something we actually want to see: weighted average, brewery city/country, brewed at/by info for contract beers, or even move the retired status if applicable because its current position is hard to notice.

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I agree. And make the number always per 100ml, so this beer drinker - who needs to watch his weight - had a fair comparison.