(EU) FT: DBHb2, Casey Cherry Fruit Stand ISO: Cantillon/3F/Tilquin

Hey all

Looking for Cantillon, 3F and Tilquin seasonals like:

Fou Foune
Lou Pepes
St Lam

Oude Geuze Vintage

Tilquin Pinot Noir

Or older vintages of the regular Oude Geuze, Gueuze, Kriek, RdG etc
Or any other interesting Lambic

Bokkereyder Chardonnay Lambic 2015 (the white wine blend)
Double Barrel Huna b2
Casey Cherry Fruit Stand
Would include a Narke Borbnahallon for the right trade
Yellow Belly Sundae
Fresh Cloudwater

Ratios to be discussed

EU only (Im in the UK)