[EU] FT: J. Wakefield, ADWTD, Morning Delight, Proprietors 17, list ISO: lambics

J. Wakefield - BA Desperado, Darkbier (BL collab), That’s the Ticket
ADWTD Double Oak
Morning Delight b4
Goose Island - Rare 15’, Proprietors 17’, Reserve 17’, BCBW 17, BCBS Coffe 17
Bottle Logic - BL Jam the Radar 17’
Westbrook - Mexican Cake Bourbon BA 2016
Double Barrel Speedway Stout
Fremont - Brew 2000, BA Dark Star, BA Coffee and Cinnamon BBOMB, BA Dark Star Coffee Edition, BBA Abominable 2015
Dark Lord 17’
De Garde - Kriek Premiere, Nectarine Premiere, Biere Violet, The Nord
Sante Adairus - Appreciation

ISO: Zenne, 50N4E, LPK, LPF, LPG.

Only EU, pm to discuss

Saw your post. I’m located in Germany. I have LPF and LPG from your ISO list. I am really interested in the ADTWD. Let me know if we can work something out.