EU FT: Random beers (some lambic) ISO: your locals

Hey guys,

I m going abroad for a while and need to reduce my cellar. I have a bunch of stuff that I have multiples of, so I want to get ride of those. I am looking to trade for your local beers (hops, stouts, sours, open to any style really), as long as they are fresh. I would make sure the trade is in your favour value wise (I want to get ride of those after all). Looking to trade multiple bottles at once (not trading individual bottles on its own).

I have:

2x 3 Fonteinen Oude Kriekenlambic Blend 32 16/17 (0,375l)

3x 3 Fonteinen Armand & Gaston (honey) Blend 56 16/17 (0,375l)

10 different 3F A&G Blends (All from 2018, all 0,75l)

1x 3F Oude Gueuze Magnum (Blend 45 17/18)

Kees Barrel Project 18:07 can

VandenBroek - Watergeus (0,375l)

Goose Island BCBS 2015 (good dates)

Westvleteren 12

Pasieka Jaros Dwójniak Maliniak (Vintage 2016) 0,1l

Pasieka Jaros Trójniak Trybunalski 0,25l(?)

Ardenne Stout Sour & Salty (Cassis) 0,75l

L’Ermitage Berto’s Early Breakfast 0,75l

d’Oude Maalderij Aggressive Dooom 0,75l

1x Tilquin Groseille 0,375l

1x Hanssens Oude Gueuze 0,375l (bottled 01.04.2016)

1x Girardin Kriek (0,375l) 2009

1x Girardin Kriek (0,375l) 2017

1x 3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek / Schaarbeekse Kriek (Blend 18 17/18) 0,75l

Write me a PM with what interests you and lets discuss some details…

Shipping to Austria