(EU) FT: Tyrnilambic Baie d'Argousier (750 & 375) + other Cantillon ISO: SP, Perennial, Shared, Holy Mountain etc

Cantillon Tyrnilambic Baie D’Argousier 2018 750 & 375
LPF 2018 ('15 sticker)
Lambic d’Aunis 2017
Fou’Foune 2018
Nath 2018

3F Zenne y Frontera (b1)
Side Project Anabasis
Side Project Derivation
Perennial Maman
Anchorage ADWTD
Holy Mountain Hand of Glory
Holy Mountain Midnight Still
Shared Coffee Shop Vibes
Shared Coconut Vibes

Shipping inside EU / will be in NL (Maastricht) 11.-17.3. for a possible IP.
Can also be open for other beers from breweries like Bokkereyder, Angry Chair, Fremont, J Wakefield, Side Project or certain (more rare) lambics.
Ratios obv vary.