[Eu only] - Free Ber Contest Fifa World Cup

Hi guys!
Another free ber contest. Eu only.
How many points could you get with predictions of the Fifa World Cup 2018?
Each team you predict correctly to the 1/8 finals = 1 point.
Each team you predict correctly to the 1/4 finals = 1 points.
Each team you predict correctly to the 1/2 finals = 2 points.
Each team you predict correctly to the final = 2 points.
If you predict correctly the Winner of World Cup 2018 = 3 points.
EXTRA: Top-Scorer of the World Cup = 3 points.
If theres a draw with other competitor, each goal of your top-scorer choice will give you an extra-point. This will only aply if two or more competitors draw with the same points for the prize.

The prize for the competitor with most points will be a 12pack of spanish/portuguese beers! Who is in??

If you want yo join just say in this forum that you are in and send me your picks via BM. Predictions deadline: Thursday 14th June 2018.


Here you got the groups and the Knockout stage qualified system:

Very nice idea. I woudl like to partecipate. Should we send you our answer via PM or …?

So are we guessing the first from any group and so on?

2 qualified teams per group and then the winners of the knockout games. :clap::clap:

Yes. You could send me a beer mail with your choices and then I will post the choices of all the contenders.
In fact I will edit the first post with this detail. Thank you!

Lovely. I will write you asap :sunglasses:

Thanks for organizing it

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Cool! I need something like this to get into the mood for the WC now that the Netherlands aren’t present. I’ll send you my predictions within a few days.


I’m not big on football predictions, but if you don’t mind I’ll give this a go with some friends of mine who I’m going to Brno with this weekend. If we make it, I’ll gladly share with them in a tasting!

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I’m in, BM = sent.
Thanks taboada!

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I sent you a BM. Not sure if it has been delivered. Could you please reconfirm?

Have a nice evening.

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Yes!! Cheers and good luck.

Come on guys. Lets have some fun!!. Deadline thursday at 16:59 CEST.

In, BM sent.

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in, BM sent :soccer:

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I’m in, BM sent.

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Last call guys…kick off is coming!!

I am IN

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I’m in too

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In as well, BM sent! :crossed_fingers:

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