EU Santa Winter 2017 - Hauls!

Phew, that took a while, Santa had a big stack of correspondence this year! 30 participants have all been sent their pairings. If you’ve not received a message please let me know (Santa does sometimes make mistakes…)

15 countries is a bumper year! Hopefully everyone has someone they’ve never received from before - it took a bit of work to match everyone up when there are so many from Germany this year!

So to reiterate what to do next:

  1. Get a box (minimum 3 litres) together and ship to recipient by end of next week
  2. Send me the tracking link when sent (do not send to recipient - its a surprise!)
  3. When you receive your box please post a picture here!
  4. Remember to rate all of the bears you receive and mention you got them from santa this year.
  5. Feel free to guess your sender - all part of the fun and leave feedback if you do know who it is!

Enjoy yourselves… Ho Ho Ho!

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3parcels en route. Quite a few people not heard from, hope all getting on okay!

The Good News: 11 boxes shipped already! Some will arrive before the end of this week
I’ve heard from5-6 others that they will ship by Friday

That means almost half of you have not yet responded - remember you have until Saturday 24th to ship - that’s just 5 days.

Please let me know if you will be late

Hopefully we will start seeing pictures in here soon :slight_smile:

Box has arrived! Santa was quick and came a couple of days early this year! I have no idea who sent him so if trade feedback is wanted let me know after everyone has received a visit from Santa (we don’t want to make it too easy for others to guess their Santa.) All I know is that Santa flew through Germany on his way to my place and picked up some nice beers, candy, coasters and a booklet along the way. The booklet is in German if I’m not mistaken (only took a quick look), so I guess he wants me to learn some more German. Thanks Santa, I’ll try :slight_smile:

12 beers, only the kristallweizen I’ve had before. I’m especially pleased with the Ayinger lager hell, as I was kicking myself just days ago when I found out I hadn’t rated that before. How on earth did I miss that? Its like missing Saison Dupont after nearly 17k ratings! Oh wait…I miss that too…

Thanks my German Santa for this generous box of beers!


Very quick out of the blocks! I hear German Santa is quite efficient :wink:

Box arrived today! Austria santa is quite quick as the german one. So i decided that x-mas will be a couple days earlier this year. Another german santa gave me the hint that my santa probably is ‘herrklemann’, is it?

Also got 12 beers and two glasses, only the high diver, rieder india pale ale and kramah i have tried before. Furthermore im so excited to taste the trumper imperial ones or the ‘schlawiner’. Or the super hazy, which has no barcode to scan - great!
Unfortunately my santa had a difficult choice, because im new on ratebeer and tappd only by untappd… so please forgive me, i can’t even explain how sorry i am.
Thanks my Austria Santa for this fabulous box of beer!


Well, if I was your Santa, I might have said something along the lines of “I’m just glad the glasses arrived all in one piece”. :wink:

No, but seriously, I hope you like it. I totally forgot to put a letter in the box because I was in a bit of a hurry to get it to the post office and hopefully delivered before Christmas. Sorry to send you stuff you’ve already had, they weren’t in your profile when I packed the stuff. But my hopes are that you’ll still enjoy them. :smiley:

Oh, and who ratted me out? @dunklermessias? :face_with_monocle:

is is not fair to @dunklermessias to said that he gave me the hint, but probably he did… :smiley:
the glasses are pretty cool and so carefully packed, so that they arrived in one piece :wink: dont matter about the duplicates, that are some nice beers!
So Cheers :beers:

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Crap…were we supposed to add a letter? :fearful:


A box of goodies showed up today. IPA (2 ratings) Black ipa, 16 ratings
Vanilla Porter, 4 ratings
Mild Ale
Scottish Ale
Imp stout
Imp Porter (3 ratings)
(Quad, 3 ratings, listed as retired)

An impressive haul and some real rare finds as well. It looks like Christmas has come early!

Thank you very much Benzai!


No, I just like doing it. Especially whenever I send stuff to someone who doesn’t necessarily speak German - explain some stuff about the beers that might get lost in translation etc. I like to think it adds a personal touch, but actually it just allows me to crack weird Seinfeld jokes.

Happy Festivus!

Ah so you were my Santa? Thank you very much!

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@herrklemann would be really happy if he had Ayinger as a shelfie…

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Always love seeing these fab boxes arrive. Remember to leave feedback if you know your santa!

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If your Santa made weird Seinfeld jokes, i want to meet this person.

Ooops :sunglasses:

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Wow, what a difference a few days makes, 25 boxes now shipped with 3 arrived and 5 due shortly. 5 people left to send, 3 of whom need to give me an update - you know who you are! Remember Saturday is last day of sending


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Santa arrived in a big van and delivered a package from Spain.

some coasters, a box of sweets, and a nice mixture of beers.

La Quince Young, Gifted And Black IPA (Black IPA)
Jakobsland Brewers Na Terra dos Xigantes (IPA)
Jakobsland Brewers - Origen Baltic porter (new)
Piratas Cervejeiros Komorebi (from Portugal, American Pale Ale, only 1 rating)
In Peccatum I am the Black Wizards (Imperial Stout, 6 ratings)
Jakobsland Brewers Papa’s Beard (Brown Ale)
La Pirata / Laugar Blackadder (Imperial Porter)
La Quince Evil is in a Midnight Mash (Baltic Porter)
Dois Corvos / Against The Tide Babilónia (Barley Wine from Portugal)
Dois Corvos Finisterra (Imperial Porter from Portugal)
Menduiña Doppelgänger (Doppelbock, only 2 ratings)
Santocristo Palacio de Invierno (Imperial Stout)

Great box… thank you very much !
in case of the trade feedback, please let me know after all the boxes have arrived.


I just received a box from Austria. Inside were 12 beers, a glas, a mini-santa and some coasters. Unfortunately mini-santa didn’t quite survive his trip, but the beers and glas were intact, which is the important part :). The Teku glas was a really nice touch, I’ve been wanting to get one of those for a while now. I also really like those Bevoc cans, great artwork. Thanks for the beer.


you’ll enjoy the brew age stuff, tried some myself when ~I was in Vienna last month - nice haul!

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