EU Summer Santa

The warm weather is upon us and has awakened me from my slumber, I hope everyone is in the mood for a bit of festive cheer?
I’d like to organise our annual summer swap. You know the drill by now if you want to take part
DM me with your likes/dislikes & special requests (keep your wish list up to date)
Contact details including email and phone number for couriers
plus where you’re willing to ship to (EU only, EEA, Israel etc)

Try not to post that you’re taking part - lets make this a big surprise!

You’ve got until monday 9th July to apply. Will have pairings set ASAP after that and all boxes should be sent by end of July.

Any questions please bm me!

Merry Summer!


@tomhendriksen !!

Bumpity bump bump. About 15in so far 3dqys left to apply!

Come on everybody!

since I won’t be home for the rest of July, I have to pass on this one.

Am afraid I need to close this off to Austrian and German residents, we have over 50% and don’t want to have match people in the same country, the idea is to cover different places.

If anyone can send beer from other countries please let me know as this will make pairing easier.

Please get your apps in by Sunday evening as I want to try to set pairings Monday as I go away for a week after that.


Ok im in hope its not too late!

Shit, too late. Have fun you guize!

Yep, also too late…

Not too late mat but you’re supposed to bm me :wink:

That takes total to 15 participants and sign-up now closed

Okay, pairings have been sent out to most of you (waiting for details from a few people you know who you are!!!)

Just a reminder of the rules: Try to send your recipient good beers according to their preferences…minimum 3 litres (you can send more!) Always nice to receive an additional present, food/magazines/glass whatever you like. Some santas like to send a letter to explain their choices

Once you have shipped please inform me of the shipping code; don’t tell your recipient of course!

Recipients, please post your haul pics in this post; you can try to guess your sender - we’ll confirm once everyone has received. Remember to mention summer santa when rating your beers and leave feedback once you find out your sender

Any questions please BM me!


2 boxes shipped already!

And one already arrived :slight_smile: Thanks Paolo from Berlin! :slight_smile:

A lot of good stuff: goses, berliner weisses, IPAs, double IPAs, sweets, coasters, stickers and a Berlin Beer Week brochure! Great <3

Once I come back from the weekend trip, I am going to dive into it :smiley:

So… who is my Secret Summer Santa? My guess is … rauchbierlover. Am I right?


Great to see some quick arrivals, everyone please remember to send shipping details to me once sent!

Just got a very nice box from Spain full of IPAs, Stouts, some biscuits and a glass. Looking forward to trying these, thanks! I have no idea who my Secret Santa could be, so please let me know. Those biscuits make for great palate cleansers, by the way!


I have the beers complete, will try to pack and ship asap!

I thought this was kinda funny, but my box is currently scheduled for delivery on 13.07.2017, I guess Hermes has perfected faster-than-light delivery! I hope my recipient will already have enjoyed those beers very much by now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!

8 boxes shipped, 2 received…if you have shipped and not told me please do so now! Also if there will be any delays please let me know.

Box from Germany, Köln arrived yeasterday :star_struck:. Full of APAs, IPAs and original german styles like Koelsch, Altbier and Dopellbock. Included were also stickers, coasters and small packs of Haribo gummi candy used to fill the empty space among bottles. Great idea :+1:t3:. Everything packed well and safely.

Beer list from left to right: (TOP 50 in style) (TOP 50 in style)

Thanks Santa, alias @snowcrash000 … Am I right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That’s right, but how could you possibly have “guessed” that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!? I live in Cologne, so of course I had to put a Kölsch and Alt in there. There was a also a little Founders bottle opener in there, by the way, I hope you didn’t throw that away by mistake. I was all wrapped up in bubble wrap.