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Euro local swap 1/2020 pairings and hauls

So, pairings are set, I know, I know, there will be some complaints, but this was best setting.


Please send bottles to person below you, Cuso will send to dunklermessias and Erzengel to me.
I’d like to ask you one favor, let’s play a bit. Try to surprise your fellow receiver with really local beers, maybe without asking too much about preferencies. This is strictly up to you, guys.
Deadline for sending is 6.2., Erzengel will send later, when he is back from trip. :slight_smile:
Let’s party start.


And ofcourse, after sending your box, write tracking info to me and your receiver. And, please don’t forget post hauls and give trade feedback.

You might have forgotten me ::frowning: European Local Swap 1/2020

I will check it tonight, sorry @SinH4.

I updated list, now it’s OK, so let start to contact receivers. And I postopned deadline to 6.2.
:slight_smile: :beers: :beers:

Is everything OK here? I contacted both guys.

First contact established. My box is going out tomorrow.

Contact with Sinh4, not heard from Kolschtrinker who I’ve just sent a box of beer to but will assume it’s the same mix of stuff.

contact made both ways!

Sorry for that. :cry:

@rhoihessegold is posting my box tomorrow. My box for @Taboada left on Thursday.
I mailed the tracking number to @Taboada & @Cuso.

No it’s fine, he found it funny we happened to be paired after we’d been doing private trades for 2 years but you weren’t to know that :slight_smile: All good. Beer’s beer innit.

Contact established with both sides. Did the swap 1/2019 with the exact same people. Not that I am complaining, Germany is one of the cheaper countries to send to and I am always happy to get some German beers (some meads also in this case, which makes me extra happy :smiley: ).

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In contact with both. Awaiting some stuff, will sent next weekend.

Fantastic box from @simontomlinson arrived today. Will post pic and details later.


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Glad everything arrived safely - enjoy!

Here we go.
An outstanding box from @simontomlinson. I asked him for Local Breweries and, if possible, a couple of cans of Wander Beyond. And the selection is exactly what I asked for.

Wander Beyond Anura
Wander Beyond Ensnare (Not on RB yet)
Beer Brothers The last of the Mosaicans
Beer Brothers Simply Red
Beer Brothers Interestellar IPA
Farm Yard Ales / Preston Beer Girls / Chain House Brew Co Jeans & a nice Hop (not on RB yet)
Farm Yard Ales Hoof
Farm Yard Ales Impish or Admirable This one is Islay BA. New entry?
Farm Yard Ales Chitty Chitty Chango (Not on RB yet)
Priest Town Addison´s Ale
Priest Town PTB Nº3 (Not on RB yet)

So, a good range of 3 new Lancashire breweries to me and a couple of cans from one of my top UK Breweries.

Thank you Simon.



Correct Alex, this is a new entry for the Impish or Admirable. It’s a Islay barrel version of the original.

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Cool. Another one for my next Islay tasting :hugs:


Guys, so far 5 box were sent and 1 was delivered. I hope everything is OK. If you any problems with sending, just tell me and your partner. Cheers

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