Euro Local swap 2/2020

Hi all,

it seems, tha Apocalypsa is slightly over, your cellars are empty, so, here is the right time for second local swap this year.

The rules for participating are simple:

1, You have minimum 50 ratings and no negative trade feedback. If you have no trade experience, please feel free to apply.

2, You must ship within 2 weeks of receiving your recipients name, unless you agree with your recipient different date of delivery.

3, Set amount of beer is 3 litres. Beers from your country you can get and are not available in country of your recipient. Please don’t send generally known beers, not necessarily small breweries, but definitely beers you would also like to drink. Of course beers shouldn’t already have been rated by your recipient. Please also check favorite style, wants and missing styles of your recipient. Please update your cellar, if needed.

4, Communicate with your recipient about his wants and preferences. After shipping box, send me and him tracking link.

5, If you like, add something from your country (e.g. some food, beer swag,…), but this is definitely upon your decision. It would be nice to make your parcel more interesting.

6, Please tell me if you want ship only to EU, or within Europe.

7, Post your haul when box arrives

8, Write trade feedback, rate beer. It would be nice if you mention from who you have your beer.

9, Signup closes at 5.6. 2020 17:00.

If I forgot something let me know.

So, let’s go

I´m in, EU only!

In, EU only :beers:

Yep EU only :partying_face:

I´m in, EU only.

Just asking, is Britain considered as EU? :imp: :innocent: :beers:

In for EU+Switzerland if not too many germans yet.

Please German friends, don’t apply please. 4 is enough for now. :slight_smile:

Count me in! EU only!

Ah yes, again I wasn’t going to, but I succumbed to the pressure in about 10 seconds.

I’m in, EU only.

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Ah damn. Why not. EU only I guess. I haven’t shipped a package in an enormous amount of time, but will do my best.

@Cuso Will definitely have to ask you about shipping tips & tricks from here.

@Marko you are now Czech representative?

Yup, guess so. Well, I reckon I’ll be able to ship things more easily from there than from Croatia, where it was nigh-impossible to do without enormous hassle.

Might throw in some Cro stuff, depending on when this happens (and if travel between the two starts anew).


Guys, we need more participants, where is Dutch crew, @Grzesiek79, @japppp, @Taboada, @martjoobolut, @rosenbergh and others? :beers: :beers:

I‘m in - whole Europe. :beers:

I am in, whole Europe!

I’m in from Belgium, EU only.

Let´s do it. Count me in. EU Only.

I’m in as well!

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So far we are 16 people from 8 countries.