Euro Local Swap 2/2022 Pairings and hauls

o, pairings are set, I can imagine some complaints, but this was best setting.


@dunklermessiass D
Cuso SK
@VDuquerroux Fr
@japppp Fin
@Beerhunter111 D
@wendigo SK
@Koelschtrinker Aut
@TomHendriksen NL

Please send bottles to person below you, dunklermessias will to send Cuso and TomHendriksen will send box to dunklermessias.
Please send only beers which can’t be accesible in country of If you like, add something from your country (e.g. some food, beer swag,…), but this is definitely upon your decision. It would be nice to make your parcel more interesting.It would be nice, if you include some not beeery
Deadline for sending is 12.6. In case of any change, please contact your receiver and please informe also me.
if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.
Let’s play.



In contact with both.

me too.

Here 2

Hi guys, everything OK? If have sent box to your receiver, please send me tracking number. Thanks a lot.

I can hardly bellieve, that I am first who received box.

from left
probably Homebrew new brewery new brewery new brewery new brewery new brewery brewery brewery new brewery new brewery no ratings 3 ratings 2 ratings 3 ratings new brewery 3 ratings No rating new brewery here on Ratebeer

unbelievable box, new breweries, local stuff, different Bundeslande, Inselbrauerei which is brewery I am seekin for (@dunklermessias didn’t know about it.). Excellent box. Huge thanks Jan.


Ha ha, you are welcome! Enjoy the beers, was a pleasure to select them for you.

The Inselbrauerei IPAs are a small batch series, just released.
The Viva La Franz is my homebrew, a Biere de Garde : Viva La Franz! - Just Hops Brewing - Untappd
Unfortunatly this one: belongs to this brewery : . But it not listed yet ;-).


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thanks for info. chivo was moved, thanks for viva la france, I will try it tonight, still in fridge from beginning.

Hi guys, what’s with you? I have two tracking info and I am sure that there were some hauls, which could be posted here. please do that.
@dunklermessias @VDuquerroux, @japppp, @Beerhunter111, @wendigo, @Koelschtrinker ( I know Roman, that you will send later), @TomHendriksen

Will post my haul from @japppp next week because I´m until Sunday in Holiday.

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Nothing to post yet :slight_smile:

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A week ago I reveived nice package from @beerhunter111. Now I was able to post it here…

Well packed package full of German beers of various styles:

Thank you very much Hans.


Here is the fantastic selection of finnish beers from @japppp :finland:

Himo Lahti/Hyvinkää
Tuju Sumurai
Himo Taisto (mitalikahvi-edition)
Pyynikin Post Mortem (2020)
Pyynikin Atlantic Porter
Pyynikin La Caliente Valentina Chili Vanilla Coffee Stout
Pyynikin Not Yet-i Imperial Stout
Orava Mama’s Pie
Pyynikin Papan Vanilla Stout
Plevnan Pispalan Portteri
Plevnan Petolintu Galaxy
Kråkö One Stout
Kråkö Imperial Stout
Mallassepät Naantalin Eeppinen IPA (2021-)
Olarin Jarmo

Many thanks Jussi! :beers:


Hi everyone ! Back from holidays in Belgium, I had the pleasure to discover a big box full of beers sent by @Cuso. Thank you very much Imro for the beers (especially for czech pilsner and polotmavý :slight_smile: )and… the beermalade ! I

RB Name Style
Parom Ojebyn Currant sour
Šilker’s Povedala Ano! American farmhouse IPA
Čierny Kameň Ležiak 11° Pilsener - Bohemian / Czech
Cierny Kamen / 100 Piv Just Relax Pina Colada Fruity Neipa
Liptovar Beer Force One IPA 14° IPA
Stupavar Jantár 12% Polotmavý
Liptovar BeerHappy 11° Pilsener - Bohemian / Czech
Masaryk Weizen 11° German hefeweizen
zDola Divna Pani Pale Ale
Masaryk IPA 14° IPA
Masaryk Leziak 12° Pilsener - Bohemian / Czech
Nilio Caribic IPA IPA
Cierny Kamen Juicy Sofi Neipa

Beers: (left to right)

Duyck Jenlain Ambrée

PRIZM Dividing Quarks

Popihn DIPA DDH Pacifica / Triumph

Popihn Russian Imperial Stout Bourbon BA & noix de coco

La Débauche Amorena (Framboises)

Effet Papillon E*P Brett Series Saccharomyces Cerevisae Brettanomyces Lambicus Ananas 2021

Popihn DIPA DDH Citra / Mosaic

La Chamoise Juicy DIPA (Mosaic/Kohatu)

PRIZM Snake Pit Poetry

La Manufacture de Bières Péléide

IRON / Black Project Wild Mélisse

Grand Zig Hoppy Vertigo

La Débauche Black Ale India Stout

And somehow missing from the picture :slight_smile: :

Georgette Sur des Chapeaux de Roue

Effet Papillon Effet Papillon E*P Brett Series Bière de Blé à la Fraise et à la Rhubarbe

Thank you @VDuquerroux for awesome package (including dried sausage)! Lots of interesting beers and France has been my black spot when it comes to beers. I would have retaken picture, but had already enjoyed some of the beers (ratings incoming…).


Fantastic ! Great surprise :slight_smile: According to the tracking link, the package is still in France :slight_smile:

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I’m back home and will get my package ready tomorrow and send on wednesday.


Received a great box from the Netherlands. Imgur is not working, will post haul later this day.

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Here we go!
I received a fantastic box full of Dutch beers from Tom. Thanx a lot!
16 partly rare beers, some sweets, glassware from 100 Watt and a letter with personal notes.
It is like Christmas!

From left to right:


Okay, so I got a box on thursday already from @wendigo but wasn’t home since 30min after receiving until today. Large box, lot of beers:

  • some salted sticks and candy bars. Nice style mix, thanks a lot!