Euro local swap 3

Hi all,

Are here some raters, willing to participate third local swap? LaAst one was evil, I know, but we’d like till to taste good beer, I am sure. So will I have enought participants for this game?

The rules for participating are simple:

1, You have minimum 50 ratings and no negative trade feedback. If you have no trade experience, please feel free to apply.

2, You must ship within 2 weeks of receiving your recipients name, unless you agree with your recipient different date of delivery.

3, Set amount of beer is 3 litres. Beers from your country you can get and are not available in country of your recipient. Please don’t send generally known beers, not necessarily small breweries, but definitely beers you would also like to drink. Of course beers shouldn’t already have been rated by your recipient. Please also check favorite style, wants and missing styles of your recipient. Please update your cellar, if needed.

4, Communicate with your recipient about his wants and preferences. After shipping box, send me and him tracking link.

5, If you like, add something from your country (e.g. some food, beer swag,…), but this is definitely upon your decision. It would be nice to make your parcel more interesting.

6, Please tell me if you want ship only to EU, or within Europe.

7, Post your haul when box arrives

8, Write trade feedback, rate beer. It would be nice if you mention from who you have your beer.

9, Signup closes at 28.9. 2020 17:00.

If I forgot something let me know.

So, let’s go :beers: :beers:
sorry guys for spam, maybe you will apply. :slight_smile:
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@Cunningham @ch-303 @Nisse666 @VsXsV @SlackerMads

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I’m always in. No need to ask :wink:

(EU only)

Would love to join! I’m in!

I am in as well, EU only please

I’m in with beers from Belgium. EU only please.

Since I was given a special invitation @Cuso I’m in.
Europe is fine - same high shipping cost;).
You know me - odd countries…

Cheers /. Thomas

Yeah you can always rely on me. I’m in, EU only.

:clinking_glasses: :clinking_glasses: :clinking_glasses:

In for EU, thanks for tagging!

Sounds interesting, I would like to apply for this despite no trade experience (350+ rates). Very happy to accommodate different styles etc… as requested

I don’t have anything in my cellar, and never used that part of the site, but as I have very few rates outside of UK I will be easily pleased!

Happy to deliver to Europe, not just EU

May be useful to clarify if UK comes under EU for this trade due to transition period!

Thanks for tagging :beers:

I’m in whole Europe :+1:

Yeah, I’m in for Europe as well.

I’m in, EU only…

In as well. EU only.

I’m in! (Europe)

So far we have 14 people from 8 countries. Quta for Germany is full, sorry guys. :beers: :beers:

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I’m in! (EU only)

Trads are not problem, problem could be that you are here only few monts. Anyway, I let you in. You have to start trading one day, so why not with us. :beers: :beers: :slight_smile: