Euro Santa 2021

It’s that time of the year again. Let’s kill the fourth wave blues with an epic round of Euro Local Swap.

You know the rules

  • Send at least 3 liters of good, rateable beers from your country, which have not been rated by your recipient yet (and are not available in recipient’s country, when possible)
  • Some Santa likes to put snacks, beer mats, glasswares, magazines. Make it special!
  • Post your haul and remember to mention/thank your Santa when rating.
  • Rate the received beers on Ratebeer.
  • Don’t forget to leave a trade feedback when you have discovered who your Santa is.
  • You have minimum 50 ratings and no negative trade feedback. If you have no trade experience, send me a BM. We are always happy to welcome new people.

Subscription ends on 28/11.

To apply, send me a BM with:

  • address, email, mobile (for contact reasons)
  • likes and dislikes
  • If you wish to send to EU only or EU+Norway&Switzerland (&Uk, maybe?).

Don’t spoil your participation here!

Due to the usual high participation rate from Germany, I would ask our German friends if they could represent a nearby country (Austria, Poland, France, Luxembourg ? ) if needed. I will let you know in BM if there are many applications from Germany anyway.

Please make sure to write all those pending trade feedback you have. I will check your last 12 months’ trade history to set the best possible pairings. Chase your trade partners if they haven’t left you a trade feedback yet.

Looking forward to your message!
Your Santa


People from Germany, no more slots available. Feel free to apply anyway, I will make a “wait list”.

Sorry for that!


Any last minute application?


You have time until midnight tomorrow. :santa:

Check your inbox. I sent everyone a message with all due info. If anything missing/not clear let me know.

To recap:

  • Don’t contact your recipient. (I forgot to mention this, as it is obvious :joy:)
  • Due date is 14th December
  • Share with me the tracking link when done

Happy Xmas shopping.


Seems I’m the first one to receive. Details follow tomorrow

So thats from left to right
Left to right:
Redneck General Lee (Barley Wine)
Península Maibock (Heller Bock)
La Calavera Brett For Light (Sour)
La Calavera / Humalove Deadsmoke (“Imperial Märzen”)
Asturias Guadaña (IPA)
Fumu de Cotoya (Rauchbier)
Cotoya Session IPA
Basqueland Tiki Idol (Sour)
Laugar Aupa Tovarisch (Imperial Stout, I think Oporto Edition)
D’equì Metal IPA
Laugar Dancing with The Devil (Session IPA)
Península Batido de Fresa y Vainilla (Pastry Sour)
La Pirata / Juguetes Perdidos - Realismo Mágico (Triple NEIPA)

Plus coasters and sweets (nut based as far as I understand.

At first I thought it would be pretty easy to guess from whom that came as I recognized the package - it has german scentences on it and duct tape from a german online store which is a smaller one in which I ordered stuff about 1 1/2 years ago. Meaning that might be my package initially and I think the only person I sent beer to in Spain is @Taboada . But I didn’t recognize the sender’s address therefore the package might have done a spanish national trade already and my guess would be

@fombe89 or @angel77

But as marking angel77 doesn’t work he might not have an account in the forum meaning is has to be @fombe89 ?


You have sent beers to someone else in Spain, apart from Taboada, i can tell… :grin:

Oh well, three tries but still wrong? Man, that was indeed “secret” for me.

It´s been ages since my last trade. Actually, the box you got, you sent it to me three years ago. I kept it, since it was a really good one.

Yes, the “Laugar Aupa Tovarisch” is the Port wine B.A. edition.
I hope you enjoy your beers!

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Today I received a fantastic box full of beers from Finland.
So my Suomi-Santa is Janne/ VastActiv! Thanks a lot for this perfect selection. I am very curios about the Sour and Goses!


Here we are:

Also some liquorice and a cotton-beer-bag. And first I thought of a sheep, but it was just artifical packing wool…

Thanks a lot, Janne!


Uff, why i missed this??? Guys enjoy your boxes. :beers:

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Mine arrived as well!! Thank you, @markoijelena (I think it was you)!

and my son already loves the tattoos :beers:


This morning I received a huge box from Sweden

# Beer Style
1 Wisby Ölverk Dundar Gotlandsdricka
2 Burgsviks Dricku Gotlandsdricka
3 Mora Svagdricka Svagdricka
4 Göteborgs / Ängöl Union Rauch Bock Rauch
5 Stigbergets Ringöbräu Rauchhelles Rauch
6 Kvarnagårdens / Ölvärlden Rauchbeard Rauch
7 [Örebro Brygghus The Try Out’s Rauchbier Lager](not on RB yet) Rauch
8 Remmarlöv Rauchbier Rauch
9 Nyköping Palles Pils Pilsner
10 Närke Böhmisk Pilsner Pilsner
11 Hantverksbryggeriet Ofiltrerad Lager Hallertau Blanc Pilsner
12 Umeå Wiener Vienna Lager
13 Qvarnens Julöl Märzen
14 Nyköping Proper Ale Best Bitter
15 Skebo Gjutarns Bästa Bitter ESB
16 Fryken Havre Ale Specialty Grain
17 Närke Saison Saison
18 Qvänum Humle & Dumle Saison
19 Eskilstuna Black IPA Black IPA
20 Brygghus 19 Old School IPA IPA
21 And as Bonus: Her Majesty Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter Imperial Stout

I know who my Santa is, as I received already a box from him a couple of years ago. Thank you so much @omhper . This was way beyond expectations! And trust me, I will drink for sure the Stormaktsporter. Either for NYE or in February after the Dry January!


Merry Christmas! Glad it arrived in time. Enjoy your traditional styled beers, while getting a couple of new region ticks.


Is Svagdricka an equivalent of the Finnish Kotikalja?

I guess this bilingual beer is the answer to your question:

Tuoppi Kotikalja Svagdricka • RateBeer

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I broke my pillow night before sending box and thought it would be good idea to use wool as padding. I think it worked pretty well!

Remember to check beer descriptions because some of them have strange gimmicks! Like Savu-Sirkka has ants and Hertta some strange hungarian paprika spice…



Yesterday I received a crate of beers from Herr Sinter Klaas (that’s what it said on the label :wink: ), better known as @Erzengel . The crate packaging is an obvious give away!
In the crate I found 19 very German beers including several Alts which I’m happy with since I totally neglected them when I was in Düsseldorf a few years back :flushed: Also included a chocolate Santa and some incense cones and a nice little house to burn them in! Thanks a lot Gabriel! :beers:

Beer Link
Palmbräu Bier des Monats Citra Helles
Palmbräu Bier des Monats Rote Eiche
Palmbräu Bier des Monats India Pale Ale
Palmbräu Bier des Monats Grünhopfen Pils
Palmbräu Bier des Monats Christmas Ale
Bachs Dawn of the Bread
Schlüssel Alt
Schlüssel Gold (same as 170 Jahre Jubiläumsbier?)
Kloster-Brauerei Scheyern Schyrengold
Horst-Eiberger-Union Export - Ohne Filter
Liebharts Residenz Bio Heller Bock
Schlüssel Stike
Füchschen Weihnachtsbier
Kloster-Brauerei Scheyern Hopfazupfabier
Chamer Hell
Käthe & Hubert Huberts Dunkles Wunder
Schumacher Latzenbier
Schumacher Alt
Karlsberg starkes Bock

Correct it’s me. Really glad that you like the box and tattoo’s are already used. :slight_smile:

Cheers and enjoy it.

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This Awesome box from France arrived two days ago. Thank you in advance and I can wait to try these beers already thus weekend.



I‘m so happy that it arrived in one piece.