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Euro Santa 2021

It’s that time of the year again. Let’s kill the fourth wave blues with an epic round of Euro Local Swap.

You know the rules

  • Send at least 3 liters of good, rateable beers from your country, which have not been rated by your recipient yet (and are not available in recipient’s country, when possible)
  • Some Santa likes to put snacks, beer mats, glasswares, magazines. Make it special!
  • Post your haul and remember to mention/thank your Santa when rating.
  • Rate the received beers on Ratebeer.
  • Don’t forget to leave a trade feedback when you have discovered who your Santa is.
  • You have minimum 50 ratings and no negative trade feedback. If you have no trade experience, send me a BM. We are always happy to welcome new people.

Subscription ends on 28/11.

To apply, send me a BM with:

  • address, email, mobile (for contact reasons)
  • likes and dislikes
  • If you wish to send to EU only or EU+Norway&Switzerland (&Uk, maybe?).

Don’t spoil your participation here!

Due to the usual high participation rate from Germany, I would ask our German friends if they could represent a nearby country (Austria, Poland, France, Luxembourg ? ) if needed. I will let you know in BM if there are many applications from Germany anyway.

Please make sure to write all those pending trade feedback you have. I will check your last 12 months’ trade history to set the best possible pairings. Chase your trade partners if they haven’t left you a trade feedback yet.

Looking forward to your message!
Your Santa

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People from Germany, no more slots available. Feel free to apply anyway, I will make a “wait list”.

Sorry for that!


Any last minute application?


You have time until midnight tomorrow. :santa:

Check your inbox. I sent everyone a message with all due info. If anything missing/not clear let me know.

To recap:

  • Don’t contact your recipient. (I forgot to mention this, as it is obvious :joy:)
  • Due date is 14th December
  • Share with me the tracking link when done

Happy Xmas shopping.


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