Euro Secret Santa 2017

Yo y’all. It’s December which can only mean one thing…time for secret Santa!

Same drill as per usual. Drop me a bm if you want to take part. All of Europe eligible. Hoping some people willing to send to Israel, please let me know. Not interested in hearing who.doesnt want to send there. You have sunday 10th to stick.your name in then i’ll.sort pairings and hopefully have then with you by 12th to ship by sat 24th.

Usual rules min 3litres, a Christmas pressie, try to match wants and no shelf turds. Don’t post if you’re taking part. Let’s keep it a surprise until recipients thread. Any questions please bm…

Cheers y’alll

Edit: forgot to mention to send me name, address, email and phone number for your sender plus any likes/ dislikes and update your wants list! Cheers


Already 8 participants from 6 countries! Have a few happy to send to Israel/ non-EU European countries so please feel free to sign up if you’re from one of these!

Think we’re up to 15 taking part from 10 countries now, good variety including a few newbies!

And found some more in other inbox… nearing 20participants

Anyone else, great gang of people in for it at the moment?

That’s five more attendees, going to be a good swap this time around. Will start matching people on Sunday so get your name in early if you want a good match!
A few people have asked to be reminded of rules: I’ll post these once pairings have been sent out but as a reminder 3litres is the minimum you can send as much as you like. Try to match senders likes as best as possible and don’t ruin the surprise!

Okay so far we have 26 participants from 13 countries! That’s two more than in the summer swap - can we beat last years total of 29?!

Had a couple more 14 countries covered. Last 24h now, most pairings sorted so look out for BMs on Mon/Tues…anyone else?!

That’s us closed another flurry in yesterday and up to 30 now. 15 countries too which may be a record! Hope to get pairings sent out tomorrow

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pairings sent, please post hauls in thi sthread: