Euro Secret Santa 2019 - XMAS edition

Vox populi, vox Dei! You wanted it, you have it. It’s time for a new round of Secret Santa. :santa:

You know the rules already, but let’s make a quick recap:

- Send at least 3 liters of good, rateable beers from your country, which have not been rated by your recipient yet (and are not available in recipient’s country, when possible)*.*

- Some Santa likes to put snacks, beer mats, glasswares, magazines. Make it special!

- Post your haul and remember to mention/thank Santa when rating.

- Rate the received beers on Ratebeer.

- Don’t forget to leave a trade feedback when you have discovered who your Santa is.

- You have minimum 50 ratings and no negative trade feedback. If you have no trade experience, send me a BM. We are always happy to welcome new people.

Subscription ends on Monday, Nov the 25th. I will then set pairings asap and you need to send your parcel in two weeks.

To apply, send me a BM with:

  • address, email, mobile (for contact reasons)
  • likes and dislikes
  • If you wish to send to EU only or EU+Norway&Switzerland.

Don’t spoil your participation here!

Hope to see a lot of BMs. Last time we were 19 participants from 9 countries; can we make better ? *

*Given the high amount of users from Germany and The Netherlands, I hope to see a lot of BMs coming from other countries as well :slight_smile:

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Deutschland never sleeps. 80% of the subscriptions are from Germany, so need to close it for a while.

If you are from Germany and want to take part, please send me a BM and as soon as we have enough users from other countries, we can let you in. But at the moment I cannot promise anything, We don’t want to make it a German only Secret Santa.

Thanks for your understanding!

Santa :santa:

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Definitly right!

So far 11 Santas applied.

Tagging some of you just to make you aware of this topic. If you want to partecipate, please send me a BM :slight_smile:

@beardedavenger @simontomlinson @taboada @MonsterMagnet @Benzai @Sebilinz @herrklemann @japppp @VastActiv @surething_ii

I probably forgot a lot of usual swappers, please forgive me :santa:

Atm 15 Santas applied. 8 countries represented with a couple of nice surprises!

Some of you forgot to give me address + likes/dislikes. Please check your inbox and reply to my msg

Still 3 days to go. Will we get new Santas and new countries?

Santa :santa:

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Last 24 hours to apply. Pairings have already been set and will communicate it to you tomorrow between 12:00 and 13:00.

There’s still one pending application. If I do not get address/likes/dislikes by tomorrow we need to start anyway without that person. So please check your inbox for unanswered messages from myself.

Thank you!

Pairings set. Message sent to all of you.

Please remember the rules

  • Send at least 3 liters of local, good beer
  • Share with me the tracking link, but NOT with your recipient
  • Post the picture of the haul once box has been received
  • Rate the beers on Ratebeer mentioning your sender and Secret Santa
  • Last but not least, leave a trade feedback to your sender (once you have guessed who he/she is)

Deadline for sending beers is Tuesday, the 10th of December. If you are encountering issues please let me know in advance.

Let the fun begin! :santa:


We are 17 users from 10 different countries. Lots of surprises this time. It’s gonna be a nice round

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Quick update just to remind the rules.

Secret Santa means secret :slight_smile: Don’t get in touch with your recipient. If you have any doubt you can write to me.

Let’s not spoil the fun :santa:

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Dear Craftbeer Friends! Four boxes already sent, of which one expected by tomorrow.

If you haven’t checked your inbox yet, please do and start collecting nice beers for your recipient!

My apologies, I saw this too late and I have some unpleasant stuff going on in my private life so I’ve been “out” for quite some time. Hope to return soon. I wish all participants a pleasant swap!

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Can’t wait to have you back. That would mean your issues are gone :wink:

BTW, six boxes are on the way, one will be delivered by EOD and another one should have been delivered already (not sure as the tracking link stopped working at the border).

Five days left to send, don’t forget to share the tracking link with me :wink:

Santa :santa:

Parcel arrived:

DHL was extremely careful - never got a parcel in such a good condition…
and fantastic content - thank you soooooooo much!!!

And very hard to guess who it was…
probably @Wendigo ???


You got me @erzengel, it was me, enjoy it…

Cheers :beer:

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Package is here!!! Yeeeeay I know is somebody from Germany but really difficult to guess who…

Really nice beers Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:



@Wendigo Thanks again - absolutely fantastic selection - and a great crate for my cellar!!! :beer:

Nice to see the first hauls been posted. I know another box has been delivered and pic should be posted soon :wink:

ISO Marlenka Honey Nuggets!

Not me! :smiley:

Package arrived safe:

Nice box :+1:t2:
I guess it’s from Taboada