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Euro Summer Santa 2019 - Post your hauls!

Need already to close applications from Germany. Too much enthusiasm coming from the Bundesrepublik! :de:

Will eventually reopen when more applicants from other countries sign in, so feel free to contact me to go on wishlist if you would like to partecipate!

11 applications so far from 7 countries. Where are the Dutchmen? :thinking:

Keep your applications coming, so I can reopen for the Germans :sunglasses:

Santa :santa:

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… all gone on vacation :slight_smile:


Lucky you!

It feels so empty here without :netherlands:

15 applications so far.

5 days to go.until the end of sign-up period.

Applications closed for Germany until further notice. Sorry!

Some “usual” swapper still missing. Where are you?


@TomHendriksen talked about this last night!! Get in!

Nice! I want to join!


One important thing.

If you do not rate all your beers here but use also some other application where you put taps instead of stars without the need ot leaving a full review, please let me know so I can inform your future Santa.

Furthermore, if you have some beer in your cellar, please give me the list as well. I will share it with your Santa to avoid duplicates.

Santa :santa:

Less than 72 hours before closing applications.

Any last minute sign-up?

:greece: :lithuania: :finland: :norway: :austria: :poland: :sweden: :fr:


9 hours to go… we already had a nice last minute application yesterday.

Two more and we can reach the interesting quota of 20 Santaswappers.

Don’t be shy and apply :santa:


Yeah I’m ususally in but this time I will be on holiday…

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I am sure there will be 2 other swaps before end of year. For sure the Euro Swap 3/2019.

I understand this time of the year is maybe not the best one, though.


i 'll join Euro Swap 3/2019 :wink:

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Application closed. I need a couple of you to reply to my message, then I can finalize matching.

See you next week with the hauls thread!

Expect an inbox with info on your recipient by mid next week

Santa :santa:


I just noticed a couple of you did not share with me address + likes/dislikes. (you know who you are, you have received a BM).

Please reply asap. Matches have been set, I only need your addresses to start the Summer Santa Swap 2019.

Thanks :santa:

Communication sent to all participants. Please check your inbox.

I still need two of you to reply to my messages. I need one address and one cellar list. Please reply asap.

Before the first haul will be posted, some stats (we do love stats on RateBeer).

  • Number of participants to Euro Summer Santa 2019: 19 :boom:
  • Countries represented: 9 :eu:
  • Members taking part in Euro Swap for the first time: 1 :sunglasses:
  • Percentage of people receiving from user who’ve set a trade with already in the last 18 months: 0% :partying_face: (unless someone forgot to leave a trade feedback in the past, in this case I’m not at fault)

You have time to send until the 7th of August. As always, send me a BM with the tracking link. Don’t share anything with your recipient, let’s keep the fun of discovering who was our Santa.

For questions or doubts, you know where to find me.

Have a nice shopping session at your local beershop/brewery!

Santa :santa:


Happy Sunday everyone!

If I counted well, 3 of you still need to reconfirm they received the data of their recipient. I saw you logged in lately, please check your inbox and let me know. Otherwise in a couple of days I will start chasing, just to be sure everything is ok.

Santa :santa:

First box is on it’s away. Amazing!

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Everyone acknowleged the last message. 3 parcels already sent!

So curious to see the content.

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Six parcels are travelling to their final destination (apart one that seems to have taken a longer route :thinking: ). I think a couple of them should arrive within Saturday already. One is expected to be delivered on 5th August.

For three parcels there is an agreement with both parts to have them delivered after the due date, this means 10 parcels are still left to be sent. Five working days to go, so no problem. Enjoy your shopping and pack your beers safely :slight_smile:

Santa :santa:

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