Euro swap 2019-2 - Pairings and hauls!

Hello to all 27 participants from 13 countries. Glad you all enlisted again for no doubt another fine Euro Local Swap.

I think everybody knows the general rules. In short, the most important ones:

  • send a minimum of 3L beer to your recipient
  • pack safely. If too many bottles are broken or the box gets missing in action (could be totally not your fault, but that’s the risk of trading) you are required to replace bottles or send a new box
  • only send unrated-by-your-recipient-beers and don’t send old IPA’s and crappy shit you have found in your parents’ cellar after 40 years. Although that might actually interest some.

Shipping no later than May 8th. If you can’t make that somehow, please inform your recipient and me. Also inform me and your recipient when you have shipped.

For now, I hope I have done my homework correctly and everyone has a recipient to send to which they have agreed to send to (as in “within EU or not”, “not this country cause I just visited” etc etc etc). Let me know if I forgot someone or in the end did make a mistake. I’ll find a solution.

For now: please make contact both ways and send your addresses and what else the sender might need (email phone, etc) and list some preferences. Remember, in the first place it is a local swap, so they might not have your top wanted style laying around. Be polite and provide enough spreading through all our new styles so everyone can find enough interesting stuff to ship.

And most importantly: Have fun!

Euro Swap 2019-2 Pairing
JefVerstraete Belgium
Gurthnar Slovakia
SinH4 Austria/Germany
Maakun NL
Taboada Spain
Simontomlinson England
Erzengel Germany
Benzai NL
Nische Sweden
Mallorn NL
hauxe Germany
remALUS Lithuania
TomHendriksen Netherlands
poech73 Belgium
Wendigo Slovakia
rauchbierlover Germany
japppp Finland
anstei Switzerland
MonsterMagnet NL
Sebilinz Austria
teddybeer Spain
Cuso Slovakia
Minutemat England
beerhunter111 Germany
jinroh Estonia
Cunningham Norway
koelschtrinker Germany

Koelschtrinker ships to JefVerstraete etc etc everybody knows the drill right? Enjoy!



Tagged just a few, assuming everybody else will find it as well.

Sorry, just to clarify.
Ship to the person below?
Receiving from the person above?


So @Erzengel ships to me, I ship to @Nische


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Ace. Messaged both. Thanks Rene

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Cheers Rene! I have contacted Maarten.


Thanks, I’ve contacted @Taboada.

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Messaged both!

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Got notification from MonsterMagnet contacted teddybeer.

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I’ve sent a message to hauxe

In contact with japppp. Message sent to Wendigo :beers:

Contacted by minuteman, and I contacted @teddybeer

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I contacted Gurthnar

Have contacted remALUS

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Both contacted and still waiting for @Benzai to answer :slight_smile:

Sorry about that! Bit busy with work and the family, will try to reply tomorrow!

Don’t worry :beer: - I know the problems very well :baby_bottle:
Just wanted to make sure you got my message :beers:

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Finally got around to contact both Nische and Erzengel. Everyone else getting set up?

Sent a message to @Wendigo. Received from @TomHendriksen

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