Euro swap 2019-2

Is it time for another swap? I have never organised one but I am ok with the duty of setting pairings and stuff if yall are ok with that. Let’s say subscribe till a week from now, so April 12th is the cut off. I will set pairings within a week and then you buy and gather beers in two weeks and ship within another week. So latest shipping is 3 weeks after pairings are set.

If you like it, subscribe!

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Count me in - I’m in England so would want a different country.
Preferably not Belgium, Netherlands or France as I’ve visited too many times on trips.
That ok?

in for EU+CH!

Since I never organised one before I’d like to keep this simple so if you sign up you are ok to potentially ship to EU+Switzerland+Norway.

@simontomlinson I can only promise you I’ll try but 1. It largely depends on the participants and 2. If everyone lists a number of countries they want and exclude a number of others the pairing will become a pita and I wanted to keep this simple. So yes I’ll try but can’t guarantee. You’ll get nice beers one way or the other though!

That might stop some people to participate. I’d like to participate by myself only if it’s EU - package to Switzerland or Norway easy doubles the shipping costs from Germany.


I’m in, but only with possibility of EU only


If it’s possible EU only, I am more than happy to take part in this

Why not? In again, EU only, if possible.

@Koelschtrinker so far so good.

Ok mate, I get your point!

Still count me in though please - it’s all good fun whatever!

Regards, Simon

Regards, Simon

In for all :beers:
Thanks for organising it :beer:

I’m in, EU only.

I’m in, Norway and Switzerland are fine, no Israel please.

In. Eu only.

Gonna mull this one over. Got loads of bottles stacking up plus im taking a 2 week break from the pop from next week. That said, im kind of hooked on these trades… will give an answer by the 12th

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I am in!

I´m in! EU only

What minutemat said; plenty of bottles, abd a vacation coming up, plus I’m not rating here anymore (i will enter the ratings of your beers soon, Jussi!), but I just like the local swap too much.

I’m in.

(edit: i will rate the received beers on ratebeer of course)

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