[Euro trade] ISO: lambic FT: trillium, treehouse, others

I travel to Italy often and would be open to trade bulk trillium & treehouse for lambic. Shipping would be to Parma, I can just ask for my co-workers to hold your box until I arrive or come back.

Most any trillium & treehouse, BCBS 2014-2017, black tuesday reserve, and can arrange for other beers (e.g. VR, higher value stouts) should we come to terms on a trade.

I’ll be in Italy the week of February 20th, and will be back in April.

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Lambic is a wide subject, anything in special you are looking for?

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PM sent.

I was about to tag you ;p

Seasonal Loons mainly.

In april? when? i have nath fou fune and i can see fot other old lambic, maybe hommage also. very interested in trillium tree house and giant american stout ahaha. You Will come in parma? i’m in MIlan!

I hope that can we organize something, i write you again because it would be a dream come true to find a good guy in order to talk about beer, share some bottles, and make great deal with some trade. I can come in a day to Parma easily (i’m in Milan). Great american beer and good trade here in Italy are not very easy to find ahaha. Thank’s for the attention, cheers!