European Local Swap 1/2018: Sign up

Now that Santa’s job is finished and he went on a well deserved vacation, it’s time for another round of the European Local Swap! :beers:

The rules:

  • Send at least 3 litres of good, rateable beer from (primarily) your home country, that’s not rated yet by your recipient.
  • Take your recipients preferences into account.
  • Communicate with your recipient and BM me the tracking details as well when the parcel hits the road.
  • After sign up closes you will have two weeks time to prepare and send your parcel.
  • Post your hauls, including photo, in the (upcoming) pairings & hauls thread.
  • Rate the received beers on Ratebeer.
  • Leave trade feedback with your sender.


  • add beery items; coasters, stickers, glasses, anything
  • add local food / snacks
  • add a note
  • add home brews as extras (does not count towards the 3 litre total)
  • find other ways to make the parcel special :wink:

Sign up:

  • To participate you need to have a minimum of 50 ratings, no negative trade feedback, and you are registered on Ratebeer for a year or longer. You don’t have to be a premium member. If you do not meet all these requirements and still want in, leave me a message and I’ll make a judgment call on it. My word is final.
  • If you meet the requirements, just reply in the thread stating you want to join, or send me a BM
  • Let me know if you are willing to ship to Israel and/or non-EU European countries.
  • Sign up closes on Sunday January 28th and the pairings will be published within a couple of days after this.
  • Parcels need to be shipped on Friday February 16th at the latest.




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Edit: I can ship to Israel or non-EU European countries. I will even be willing to ship to @theydon_bois.

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In from Belgium, please no shipping to Israël. Shipping within EU.

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I understand wanting to keep things simple, but shipping inside EU (for most countries) will cost me ~20-30€, compared to shipping to Switzerland or Norway that will cost me at least 90-100€… So, I guess I’m out, if this is the rule.

In, no Israel please this time (though I now know how that works after I helped send a package there for Secret Santa).

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I understand, and with price differences like that I really can’t let this rule stand. I don’t want to scare off people. I have no backbone :wink:

So everyone, you can join if you want to send within EU only. But if it is affordable, please don’t exclude non-EU countries.

Never having done this blind trade thing before I have a couple of Qs.

Define good beer? We looking to put a trade together whereby the average score per beer is 3.5 plus or something?

Presume you state preferences etc when you hook up with your partner? As I’ve typically got a backlog running of 3 to 500 beers id also be keen to steer them away from any local stuff I’ve had.

Also do folks tend to set a $ 4 $ approximation on the swap as beer prices vary widely across Europe?

In, but no shipping to Israel

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Then I’m in of course for EU only :slight_smile:

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Because prices (and income!) vary so much within Europe, the idea is to send a minimum amount (3 litres) of beer, and not $4$. You’ll send the recipient a nice selection of (country) local beers. Most of the time this is a surprise selection. Of course, the idea is not to send crap beer or shelve turds. So ‘good beer’ is rather personal, but the idea is you send… good beer :wink: No minimum ratings or anything, no whales, just decent beer.

Also, perhaps not really clear from the initial post, it is not a one-on-one trade, but you’ll send to a different person than who will send to you. After the pairings (actually a chain-list) of people is published you can contact your sender and receiver so you can pass (style) preferences and anything particular you may be looking for. It’s up to the sender to make a selection of beers though. To prevent dupes, it’s handy to have your ratings up to date. If you have a backlog (or cellared) beers from the country you’ll receive from, it may be handy to pass a list to the sender.

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The definition of “good beer” is obviously going to be pretty subjective. As there are absolutely no guidelines like the ones you suggest, people are pretty much free to use their own interpretation and put as much money and effort into it as they see fit. Inevitably, results are going to vary.

Take a look at this thread to get a pretty good idea of what to expect. As you will see, the money and effort put into the hauls varies quite a bit, it’s pretty much a lottery. Which can be quite fun, I guess, if you’re willing to take your chances.

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Put me down … I’ll give it a go.

As per others just mainland Euro zone for me … not Russia, Israel, far flung places.


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I think the idea is that everyone pays local prices + shipping costs - which both vary a lot throughout Europe, but they also usually vary with buying power, i.e. Swedish beer is more expensive than Polish beer, but everybody knows that they send 3+l and get 3+l - roughly of course. I think everyone can check easily what 3l of unknown local beers cost and what shipping costs generally are, so it’s easy to judge whether that is worth ~3+ litres of new beer.

Reuben is in London in February … pass it to him and skip the postage!

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I am in within the EU !

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Count me in, shipping within the EU.

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In for EU

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In. EU only.

Thank you!

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I may have to sit this one out for the first time in about 3 years! Barely made a dent in all the Polish beers i got in the secret santa swap. Will be back for the next one!

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