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European Local Swap 1/2019 pairings and hauls


yeah, I’ll add and verify it in the next couple of days.


Yeasterday, I received awsome package from @Andgun87, thanks. Full of beers from Swedish breweries unavailable in Slovakia and mix of styles.

Beer Style Style %
Stigbergets Bird In Hand IPA - Imperial / Double 72%
Tempel / Bryggverket Surpéne Sour / Wild Ale 40%
Tempel Perdition Sour / Wild Ale 31%
Oppigårds Norn Pale Ale Pale Ale - American 97%
Stigbergets Trouble Sleep Stout - Imperial 58%
All In / Stigberget Wheat Seems To Be The Officer Problem - Red Label Weissbier - Hefeweizen 97%
Apex Single Hop IPA (Simcoe) IPA - Hazy / New England N/A
Nils Oscar God Lager Dortmunder 93%
Nynäshamns Bedarö Bitter Premium Bitter / ESB 97%
Spike Dusty Fingers IPA - Brut N/A
Spike Illegal Business IPA - Imperial / Double 80%

Included were also typical local candies, dried meat and elk sausage, also some coasters and stickers.

Thanks again André and cheers :slight_smile:


Today I received a great box from Austria. Many thanks Sebilinz! Also some cookies and a beer opener. Great selection!

Beer Style
Brew Age Affenkönig IPA - Imperial / Double
Freistädter Black Bock Bock - Dunkler / Urbock
Hofstettner Granitbock Ice https://www.ratebeer.com/beerstyles/bock---eisbock/27/ Bock - Eisbock
Stiegl Columbus 1492 https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/stiegl-columbus-1492/431299/ Pale Ale - American
Ottakringer Wiener G´mischtes https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/ottakringer-wiener-g´mischtes/323629/ Polotmavy
MONYO Black Alligator https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/monyo-black-alligator/404111/ Saison
Zipfer Meisterwerke Weizen mit Naturhopfen Citra https://www.ratebeer.com/beerstyles/weissbier---hefeweizen/7/ Weissbier - Hefeweizen
Me and Uwe Straight Outta Neubau https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/me-and-uwe-straight-outta-neubau/617229/ IPA
Edelweiss Gamsbock https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/edelweiss-gamsbock/45827/ Bock - Weizenbock
Gusswerk Weizenguss https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/gusswerk-weizenguss/77660/ Weissbier - Hefeweizen
Loncium Carinthipa https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/loncium-carinthipa/192407/ IPA - Session
Rieder India Pale Ale (IPA, 6.0%, bottle & tap) https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/rieder-india-pale-ale-ipa-6-0-bottle-and-tap/214203/ IPA
Hofstettner Honigbock 2018 (Lavendel)https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/hofstettner-honigbock-2018-lavendel/692870/ Spice / Herb / Vegetable


Little statistics: 1 box is still waiting to be sent, 18 boxes were delivered and hauls were posted.


Received an excellent box from Taboada! Many thanks once again Alex! Lots of fresh beer from some on-the-pulse Spanish brewers and a surprise large bottle of sidra! Top stuff!

My box to Gurthnar will depart tomorrow.

Unfortunately this will probably be my last local swap until the shitstorm that is Brexit blows over. It could simply be too costly for me. Will see after 29th March.


The package from @rauchbierlover arrived yesterday.
The first package he sent was lost by DHL. We didnt get any updates after it was checked into the parcelshop. He managed to gather some new beers and sent the 2nd package pretty fast after we concluded the package was lost forever.

I got a real treat with very interesting beers and requested styles with a letter explaining the selection. I asked rauchbierlover if he was able to add some FrauGruber, and he found and added 5 of them. Awesome! There are a few breweries here I hadnt heard from, which is always nice. I also got some German chocolate and some coasters and stickers. My kids claimed the chocolates but there is alcohol and coffee in them so naturally I have to eat them myself :).
All packed in a sturdy box, not one single can was dented.

Thank you very much Paulo, this package made me a happy man. Hope you have a nice vacation!

My haul, from left to right, up to down:

  2. Blech.Brut - Lockvogel (India Style Lager)
  3. Schoppe Bräu - Schoppe Cuvée Brut Ale (Belgian Ale)
  4. Störtebeker Braumanufaktur - Nordik Porter (Eisbock)
  5. FrauGruber - Black Sun (Stout)
  6. Camba Bavaria - IPA (IPA)
  7. Schneider Weisse - Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock (Eisbock)
  8. Berliner Berg - Pale Ale (APA)
  9. Motel - Shady Pines (IPA)
  10. FrauGruber / Blech.Brut - Tropical Chocolate Loop (Imperial Stout)
  11. Stone Berlin - Berliner Weisse (Berliner Weisse)
  12. FrauGruber - Flying Monkey (Witbier)
  13. FrauGruber - Modern Times (Zwickel/Keller)
  14. FrauGruber - Green is Lord (APA)


Picked up a parcel at my German proxy from @Maakun yesterday, many thanks! Great selection and breweries, looking forward to rating these!


Should be these:

Eiber Winterbaron, not on Ratebeer yet?
Vandestreek Playground Non-Alcoholic IPA - Is it this one? https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/vandestreek-playground-alcohol-vrij-ipa/502845/

In case you’re wondering about all these low ABV beers: I asked for an average ABV of below 7-8%, but since Maakun already prepared some high ABV beers, he had to go very low. I’ll be happy to try these session beers!


Yeah, that’s the one! The Eiber one is not on Ratebeer yet, I’ll add it tonight :smile:
Nice to see everything arrived safely!


Ops! Next time I will included the normal ones with milk chocolate. Enjoy the beers :beers:


Glad to see everything arrived safely. Im curious about what you think about the selection, specially Jakobsland cans, is their first canned batch, so i dont know…
This could be also my last shipment to UK if there is no a last minute agreement. Im also thinking about my visit to Leeds in April…indeed if you like Soma beers they are going to this years Hop City festival.

My pleasure. Enjoy, Mat. Cheers


Yesterday evening I received a box full of liquid Germany.
Some more traditional German style and some really small batch local brews.
Thank you @Beerhunter111!
I will crack some open already tonight.



Time for little statistics, 21 boxes were delivered, 1 is waiting at pick up center, 1 box with several attempts of delivery, but not contacting receivewr, hopefully this will be solved. 3 are in the air. And I don’t have information about 1 box, @Benzai or @Nische, do you have some info?


I thought I had sent you the tracking code ages ago! Old message inbox perhaps?


Messaged you on Feb 7th @Cuso but you never got that ?


Igot it, but without ZIP code, I am not able to track the box.


Apologies! I didnt know that!


No problem. :beers:


Just unpacked another great box from @rosenbergh !

Jan has sent me boxes before and they’ve always been absolutely marvellous, this one is no exception. Very tasty looking candy in there as well and a nice note, even with a little Dutch written on it :wink:

Ps. My 3yo son insisted that his little picture of a car (on the square cardboard card in the middle) had to be in the photo, as well as my cup of coffee (on the right) cause he made it for me this morning.