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European Local Swap 1/2019 pairings and hauls


Package sent.


BreweryRates30 was created when I logged in using Facebook.
I contacted the site admin to remove that account. That account also gave an error when I tried to use the forums.
My apologies for the confusion.

Op zoek naar onbekende, maar lekkere bieren en leuke bierglazen!

I’ll send the box for dunklermessias next week.


No mail from rosenbergh right now. :finland: :frowning:


Pinging @Anstei as I can see he’s rating beers but doesn’t respond to messages…


@anstei @rosenbergh could you please contact your recipients?
Maybe this helps, this message wii appear in their mails.
I have 2 trqacking infos. Not more? I will send my box to @SinH4 Tuesday, Wednesday.


I need to visit a couple of beershops on Tuesday to see if I can satisfy the special request of Mallorn, then I am ready to send.


I hope to do all shopping today and tomorrow and ship Wednesday. With a bit of luck that will be delivered before the weekend.


I hope to send my box to @Koelschtrinker next Wednesday


Hope to post tomorrow or on thursday. I still need to look if I can get proper koduõlu tick for Erzengel. It has been less than -10C degrees, so I have been waiting for it to get a bit warmer also.


@Cuso @Benzai @Beerhunter111
I have contacted Benzai (my recipient) some days ago and everything is clear. I have also contacted Beerhunter111 (my sender) yesterday and all clear there as well. Thanks Cuso for facilitation.


Package sent. Delivery expected on thursday or friday…


I might have the same problem as @martjoobolut as it’s been close to -20ºC lately. But it’s not gonna stay for months I hope…


Have ordered some beers for @Wendigo but will hopefully receive them before the weekend so that I can ship them during the weekend.


Hey all, especially @Maakun and @teddybeer and @Cuso

Apologies for being silent so long, I didn’t check the forums the last two weeks and didn’t quite expect that my only post in the other thread would count as “in”. Now that moving flats and a vacation is over (that’s what kept me busy), I should be able to send. Contacting my partners ASAP.


@anstei sorry for mistunderstanding and of course take your time.


Already started my shopping! :smile:


I sent the box to Dunklermessias today.


Please send me tracking info


So far there are 7 box on the road. If there are more, send me tracking info, please.