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European Local Swap 1/2019 pairings and hauls


My box for taboada is on its way.


Let’s goooooo!


Got a fantastic parcel from Mart (martjoobolut) today - really great looking beers and (what I like very much) lots of local cheese:

Thank you so much!!! :beers: :cheese: :beer:


Nice haul! W e have first box delivered. Reading tracking info’s there is another two where delivered, In first case, receiver wasn’t at place of delivery and I don’t have info from receiver. Please Ifyoun received your box, please post your haul and write trade feedback.So far 10 boxes are on the way, from which one seems to be lost. 2-3 boxes could be delayed according to agreements. Still I don’t have any info from 13 of you. Is everything OK? If you have sent your box, please send me tracking info.


My box to Andgun87 is sent out tomorrow.


Jinroh got my package but hasn’t had time to post the haul yet. So that’s 2 packages arrived safely


Thanks. 3rd will be checked tomorrow:)


Posting my great haul of Dutch beers from Mallorn - that arrived already on Thursday, because of travelling, I am able to upload it only today. Nice selection of the beers with deep consideration of what I wanted (and had tried before). Thank you also for some tasty wafels (paired them already with imperial porter, a match made in heaven), coasters, glass and a kind note with the beer descriptions. Cheers!

Trying to pay it forward with a box of beer already shipped to Sebilinz, hopefully it will arrive within a week.


Trying so send info to @nische and @cuso but RB has been down all weekend, for me at least. Anyone else having similar experiences?


yes ratebeer sucks… i got the same problems…


For me, it’s been up all weekend. Ratebeer as well…


I had 2-3 timesthat I needed to login again, after this everything was OK.



Thanks @Koelschtrinker for these great beers and some chocolate!


Friendly reminder, today is deadline and I have info about 17 boxes. 1-2 could be dealyed, still missing 7. 4 boxes were delivered, 3 hauls posted, 4. will be published asap.
EDIT: I have info about 18 boxes.


Box goes out today and tracking numbers sent! :grin:


Still unable to log in all day. I’ll update as soon as things change.


This is very strange.


Got this awesome box from @Nische today, loads of awesome looking beers and some cool candy including Salmiak stuff which I love!


I will send my box later, but have been in contact with the recipient who will find a proxy for me to send to.


Great to see everything arrived safely. Hope you’ll enjoy the beers!

The Djungelvrål candy packs quite a punch - hope you’ll like that too! :slight_smile:


@Koelschtrinker where did you find those beers from Fritz? I never saw them in Berlin and could not find them on my usual online shops.