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European Local Swap 1/2019


Have not done this for some time, so I’m also in. EU only.


Still slots for Deutschland? I am in. EU Only


Yes, you are in.


So far we are 14. We have still some place. People from Poland, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Czech republic, Austria and other countries, come and join us. :beers:


Sound like Manowar’s “Blood of the Kings” lyrics :metal:t2::metal:t2: Like it


A European Beer Swap isn’t complete without Belgium, so I’m in. EU only please.


I am in for EU only :grin:


Europe - if someone from Germany is still allowed… :beers:


Slot for Germany is closed. @Erzengel is in.




So, how many people would send to Switzerland? I’m considering getting a German address if this is becoming more of a problem…


@anstei I think app 8. No problem I think.


@anstei. So you are in?


I could join after some time. We need to get Finland represented. EU only please.


Nice Jan. I was thinking about sending you BM about this game :slight_smile:


Put me onto the german waiting list…


Yes, Roman.


Looks like I can do it this time schedule-wise. I am in, don’t mind shipping also outside of EU.


I’m in, EU only.


In, after a while :slight_smile: EU only.