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European Local Swap 1/2019


Count me In. Eu only.


I am in as well. EU only, please.


@dunklermessias I am sorry, but slot for Germany is full. There is restriction for participants per country. sorry.


oh, didn`t read that related post before. maybe you can put me on the waiting-list as well?!


yes, you are on waiting list.


Thanks a lot.


So I will close it now, @Maakun @dunklermessias @Koelschtrinker if you ares still ready for this game, you are in. Any questions?


Sure, thanks :slight_smile:


No questions. Ready to go!


Yeah I’m ready! :mage:t3:


You have a date in mind to announce pairings Cuso? I have some time free to buy beer tomorrow so would ideally like to get mine bought then, otherwise it’ll be another week.


Yes, I have, today evening leatest, I need do latest check and anounce pairings.