European Local Swap 1/2020

I’m in for EU

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Now, German friends,please, don’t apply. Maybe later on. When ratebeerians from other countries will wake up. Thanks for your understanding. :beers::joy:

I’ll give this a go … been a few since I last took part and who knows what the postage will be once we leave the EU !

Let me first consult as to where I wish to post to !

@minutemat … you quoted EU/Swiss and Norway only.

Can you help me with the postage here from the UK… last time I entered I simply said EU and got Finland as my partner … this cost me 2.5 x the postage that Austria cost me on both of my previous swaps … I went ahead with my trade but I was spending almost as much on postage as I was on beer so don’t want to go down that route again.

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Glad you brought this up. Just checked postage costs to Norway and Switzerland and it appears costs have risen to almost 3 times the cost of sending to other EU countries since I last posted there a few years ago, so unfortunately I cannot post to those 2 countries. All others are fine.

In. EU only.

In. EU only.

Nice guys.

I’ll skip this one :scream:
It is oh so tempting, but my cellar is fuller than it should be already.

If I am not wrong, there is nobody from Netherlands. Dutch guys, where you are?

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When will be deadline for shipping?
I could hit the Luxemburg boarder on my way to an advanced training on Feb 10 - so I would offer to ship beers from Luxemburg, Belgium and the Netherlands, if wished.

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Usually 2 weeks from pairings.

we have still some time guys, who will aply?

I would join the waiting-list!

@bierkoning @Maakun @ShivanDragon @Borresteijn

I’ve just cross checked affordability from the UK and happy to go to any of the following countries …



I’ll skip this one !

OK, this is closed, I need bit time to set pairing, too much unexpectd work qourn me last days. latest Wendesday, I’d like to anounce pairings. Thanks for your patience.

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Just for check. This is final list, if I forgot somebedy, plese write me:

@simontomlinson En
@Wendigo SK|
@Koelschtrinker D|
@rhoihessegold |D|
@minutemat |En|
@japppp |Fin|
@Grzesiek79 |PL|
@SinH4 |D|
@rosenbergh |Fin|


@Cuso Sk
@Beerhunter111 |D|
@Theydon_Bois |En|
@Taboada |Esp|
@martjoobolut Est|
@Erzengel |Lux, Be, NL|
@dunklermessias DE

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Been hesitating too much so I had to miss this round, perhaps I’ll try the next one if everything goes well :slightly_smiling_face: