European Local Swap 2/2018 - sign up

Sign up for another round of the European Local Swap! :beers:

The rules:

  • Send at least 3 litres of good, rateable beer from (primarily) your home country, that’s not rated yet by your recipient.
  • Take your recipient’s preferences into account.
  • Communicate with your recipient and BM me the tracking details as well when the parcel hits the road.
  • After sign up closes you will have around two weeks time to prepare and send your parcel.
  • Post your hauls, including photo, in the (upcoming) pairings & hauls thread.
  • Rate the received beers on Ratebeer.
  • Leave trade feedback with your sender.


  • add beery items; coasters, stickers, glasses, magazines, anything
  • add local food / snacks
  • add a note
  • add home brews as extras (does not count towards the 3 litre total)
  • find other ways to make the parcel special :wink:

Sign up:

  • To participate you need to have a minimum of 50 ratings, no negative trade feedback, and you are registered on Ratebeer for a year or longer. You don’t have to be a premium member. If you do not meet all these requirements and still want in, leave me a message and I’ll make a judgment call on it. My word is final.

  • If you meet the requirements, just reply in the thread stating you want to join, or send me a BM, and specifying shipping options (see next line).

  • Shipping costs vary wildly from country to country, so please let me know what is acceptable to you:

  • shipping within European Union only

  • shipping to entire Europe (this is considered default if no preference is given)

  • shipping to Europe + Israel

  • other (please specify)

  • Sign up closes on Monday April 9th and the pairings will be published within a couple of days after this.

  • Parcels need to be shipped by Monday April 23rd


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I’m in! (For the whole of Europe, including non-EU countries.)
I will send a mix of Dutch and French beers :gift:

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Already signed up in the other thread:

In Europe

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For me EU only.

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Much appreciated @MonsterMagnet thanks or taking over!

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Count me in, EU only please

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I’m in. Shipping is expensive in Finland no matter the destination, so anything goes :).

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I’m in, EU only. Thanks @MonsterMagnet for the reminder.

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In within EU

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In for EU only!

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Only EU please

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Count me in for whole Europe.

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Ok for me !! For entire Europe + Israel :wink:

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Count me in. EU.

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One week to go until sign up closes, and so far we have 19 participants from 10 countries (a couple have signed up by mail).

I am out due to holidays :frowning:

yeah, I signed up in the other thread - anyway, if possible EU only (Switzerland would be fine as well, but we abolished the selective choices I think :stuck_out_tongue: ).

UE+ uk and suisse for me :slight_smile: not israël

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UK is still part of the EU :wink: