European Local Swap 3/2017 - Pairings & Hauls

The old forums were shut down before tomer had a chance to post the box he received, and we’ve all been waiting in anticipation for weeks! :scream: Surely, not only Israeli customs may get a good look at it! So, here’s a new thread to wrap up this local swap.

Of course, Maakun’s box to kto is in courier hell, but will make it eventually, and there are still a couple of unposted hauls that can be posted in this shiny brand new forum.

Also, please don’t forget to leave trade feedback and mention your senders in the ratings!

Cheers! :beers:


Glad to oblige. This is the great haul i recieved from vami which included a detailed and useful description of all the beers. Many thanks again Artur.

Just re-send my box to kto, hopefully it will make it this time!

Fingers crossed!

So, at last after a delay (which was in no way Maakun’s fault, but post issues on my side) I’ve got to pick up a very nice package from Netherlands. Inside, well packed, were 4.38 liters of Belgian and Dutch beers, including some rare (for me) styles Mild Ale and Old Ale.
Thanks, Maakun! The wait was very well rewarded.

De Dochter van de Korenaar Memoire II (BXL Edition)
Old Ale

Broer & Zus Levenslicht
Belgian Ale, under 10 ratings

Kompaan Lost 'n Found #3 - 72hrs Raspberry Kettle Sour
Sour/Wild Ale, under 10 ratings

De Molen 21 Grams Cryo Hop

vandeStreek bier Dubbelbock Bourbon Infused

Neobosski Melon Hoppy & The Infinite Aleness
Mild Ale

Oproer Black Flag
Black IPA

Uiltje Analogue Recordings
American Strong Ale

Uiltje Bird of Prey IPA

De Molen Vuur & Vlam

De Molen Moord & Doodslag (Rasputin)
Imperial Stout

Oldskool Ho Ho Hopfenweizen
Weizen Bock, under 10 ratings


Good to hear everything arrived well in the end! Enjoy the beers!

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Excellent! Well, that wraps up this edition of the local swap, just in time for Santa to make his appearance.

Everyone, please leave trade feedback if you haven’t already done so, and mention your senders in the ratings! Btw, If I organize a next swap, I’ll have a chat with the people who didn’t post their hauls before they’re allowed in.

Thanks all!


Thanks David!

Thanks so much for organising this!

Good idea. How many are we missing?

Yepp, thanks David for organizing this swap!

Im guessing it might be too late for a Secret Santa swap this year?

I was hoping, thinking, that Santa would make his appearance. But time is running out…

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I’d have nothing against receiving 1-2 weeks later as long as it still happens.

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I actually prepared for it, stashed some stuff etc. I’d be delighted if we’d give it a - admittedly last minute - go.

I’m ready for it when it comes.

Yeah i can get it sent very quickly but ill need to receive mine quickly too as ill be away first 2 weeks of jan - will be in your ‘neck of the woods’ Anstei!

anyone seen Santa ? :wink:

Out time is running out…our time is running out…can’t push it underground…and now I’m screaming out…

It’s only December 2nd…some of you are way too keen!

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