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European online beer shops that show ratebeer rating on the website

I remember buyng a bunch of beers from an european beer shop, where the website showed the ratebeer rating alongside the beer on their lists, which made the shopping experience much easier for me.

unfortunately it is years ago, and i have totally forgotten the name of that shop.

Anyone know of online shops that has this feature… Best would be if i can watch a list of all beers and get them sorted by RB rating, but less sophisticated options could work too.

Btw. i wonder why ratebeer doesn’t have a list of online shops somewhere, for instance a list of online shops that ships to a given country that i then could select, that would be handy. the list could include shop name and ratebeeruser ratings for prices, overall rating and selection. there might even be a mark if they show ratebeer ratings on their shop. This list could then be a good way to do some marketing, reaching out to the shops to get them to show the ratebeer rating.

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One Ratebeerian keeps the below list updated with a comprehensive selection of shops:

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Thanks for the mention ^

My bottleshops thread and website is (currently) far more useful than anything Ratebeer provide, if I do say so myself. I can’t see them adding similar functionality given the ABInBev involvement, they’re probably wanting to focus on only ABI-owned shops as they currently do.

As to your question, I honestly can’t think of many off the top of my head. There’s a few in the UK that show Untappd ratings but even that is quite rare. Right now I can only remember Beerbay (Spain) for showing RB scores.

Do you remember what country the shop was in? Might be easier to narrow down then…


Was it that one in France that stopped sending beer to then UK after Beerhawk were bought out?

probably those ones since they are owned by them…

Your feedback function does not seem to work. Bruisin’ Ales has permanently closed.

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Hi @pinball, as Lazypro already commented, you can find that functionality in Beerbay (disclaimer, it is my webshop), you can filter by ratebeer rating and order by it. Additionally, you can also find the RB style rating in each beer page.

Hopt used to have it as well, but right now I don’t know if their ratings are based in RB anymore. Also, there is a very good beers comparator called https://beerizer.com/ where you can compare beers from several shops, but only with their Untappd rating.

I have to say that it is difficult to have RB ratings for new beers as most of them take several months until they have enough ratings.

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Have to agree that https://beerizer.com/ is a great tool especially for those of us also using untappd who have synced our accounts to their api, so able to filter out beers you have already had etc from searches or add alerts, can also filter so only shows bottleshops that deliver to your country etc so use it often. Was originally for the Swedish market to cover the Systembolaget chain but now covers many bottleshops across the EU/UK. Well worth checking out.

Beerizer is great and something like that was always the end goal for my own bottleshops website. I wasn’t expecting him to expand beyond Systembolaget/Vinmonopolet but hey, competition is good.

I’m actually working on it right now. Beerizer got a head start but with over 1000 webshops in my directory I should be able to get a substantially bigger selection searchable (eventually), and I will also include RB ratings where possible. But as Ohomedasbirras says in many cases it’s almost useless due to a lack of ratings from beers that are new or are from small breweries.


Such a challenge to grab data from 1K websites and keep everything up to date ^^

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