Eurostar Limits Beer

A real worry, only 4 bottles allowed on way back from Brussels!

The rule came in last October … when I travelled back from Brussels last December I had 6 x 750 and 4 or 5 smaller format bottles on me.

No one cared.

I was about for a beer & brewery trip to Belgium in November with my son.
Think we’ll use the ferry now.
When I emailed them & asked them in January they sent this reply:
1We do have some rules around how much alcohol you can travel on board with. The usual allowance per adult customer, over the age of 18 years is as follows:-

12 small bottles / cans of beer


6 bottles of wine


3 bottles of spirits

Obviously now they’ve tightened up.

We usually travel by ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge & there’s a zero alcohol policy when travelling by foot but on the return there’s no restrictions.

Sure, I’ve used the service at least 10 times for work trips, since October always with 12 to 20 bottles and cans from Amsterdam, Paris or Brussels. So far I had no problem and it was a vague rule. Looks like they may now be enforcing it? I would be pretty annoyed if I risked it and they took my beer away. I’m going to Amsterdam by plane this week, thankfully !

I did wonder why people were panicking over a rule regarding the consumption of beer whilst travelling and Eurostar have now confirmed that’s the case.

Eurostar have back tracked on this yesterday.
Have a read:

It was all just a fairly typical Train Operating Company knee jerk reaction to a minor problem they probably have, that didn’t get thought through anywhere near enough. Rail industry is full of this kind of “management”.

So many mangers needed to manage the millionaire train drivers !

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I’m going over to Belgium next weekend on Eurostar, good to know that I can bring my usual 8 bottles of Rochefort 10 back with me. This was all a storm in a teacup really.