Euston Cider Tap reopened

Euston Cider Tap

has reopened today, ideal place to pick up some cider rates in London over the spring and summer


Were you at Egham taking photos of planes or was that someone else from Durham?

That wasn’t me, I’ve been on the How to Assess Cider course in London!

They were staying in London and down to Egham for two days. Then the guy’s Mrs said, “I am tea total.”

Good news that it’s open, but feel a little sad at the lineup. Banoffee Pie cider? Raspberry Mojito??

I don’t think there’s ever been so many great cider producers in the UK, certainly Scotland, but i can’t help feeling this is a lazy selection.

Hopefully a cider enthusiast will jump aboard make their mark on the place

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Might get MrsSHIG to go with me before I exit England. I understand your position @minutemat on selection, but MrsSHIG is more of “sweet adjunct” cider fan girl so it will work for us. I do enjoy some more traditional.

Yes Mrs Minutemat likes a Lilley Mango, in fact any Lilleys, and I do agree they’re needed to bring in significant others / young drinkers but it seemed weighted a lot towards that end, with commonly available producers overall.

Maybe it’s the cider geek in me that wants more variation, esp knowing there’s a lot out there. Takes a bit of effort contacting producers / buying in individually rather than ticking off a single producers stock list I suppose.

Glad to see it open tho

Yeah, they’d come very close to folding during the pandemic, so could see why they are going for more of the flavoured ciders for the cider tap re-opening - people ordering while I was there were either trying multiple flavoured ciders or either just wanted something appley (most of those seemed to end up ordering the Real Al Co Crafty Apple Cider). Also found the list abit disappointing, it would have been nice to see a bigger selection of interesting producers but that’s always going to be for more of a niche market, hopefully they can make a go of it again and bring in a wider range of producers over time.

MrsSHIG got that when we brewery crawled in Hackney back in January. Pretty much points out it’s a sweet hipster cider. :joy:

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I’m straight jelly. Got a terribly sweet mango habanero cider with your name on it.

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