Evil Twin Brewing NYC

Hello all

Question for the admins, starting to get new beers over here on tap/can from the new Evil Twin NYC brewery, how should these be added to RB. Should they just be added to the current brewer details and beer name appended with NYC at the end, or should all beers be added under a new separate “NYC” brewery entry?

The beers, new brewery location details can be seen below…

Is there a site contradiction involved in this question?

SN has two breweries, but only one entry. Course they kinda special.

Mikkeller has a general brewer entry (contract) and 5 brewing locations.

Evil Twin has a general entry and some weird things besides.

Does Evil Twin need to be cleaned up before NYC is added separately, or… or… or…

Hard times for the admins.

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From what I understand, this is now their brewery. I do not see any reason why it should be separate. I view this the same as when Evil Twin changed contract brewers or when Shmaltz stopped being a client brewer and then started being one again. Unlike Mikkeller, I do not think that we should separate them, because there is no ascertainable change in the brewing program. If anyone disagrees let me know (as a NY admin).


Cheers for the quick response, I will add the new beers to the existing brewery entry when I try them tomorrow.

I should also add that Evil Twin has been for quite a few years “located” in NYC, accordingly adding a new entry in the same jurisdiction would not really add much (definitely not to anyone’s stats). I did a quick search and do not see if they are still contract brewing, but even if they are, plenty others do it (Brooklyn brewing for example and Sixpoint run smaller operations in Brooklyn while contract brewing the widely distributed beers upstate).

Talking to myself here, but I just checked Untappd and it looks like they split off Evil Twin NYC… I am of course not saying that we should do what they do, but this might be the direct intent of the brewer.

It’s easy enough to split them later if after a few months we have more information that leads us to a different conclusion.

I was about to try and sort out Evil Twin, and wondering if anybody has a different opinion on this now? The two do have very different brands both with relatively widespread distribution, with the contract brewed stuff still going on just as it always has. Artwork is very different, literally zero of their old contract-brewed beers have been rebrewed at their new facility, very rarely do they have any of it at the new taproom etc. etc.