Exploration: Offline functionality

Adding a beer via app would be nice. But for me. When out and about its about minimum time getting info dowm.be that cause im socialising, or tasting masses at festivals.

The app should be quick and easy. The rest can come later but should also be easy but need not be fast

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I have a cheap mobile contract with limited mobile data, which I like to save for if I really need it. In addition, I often find myself in places with limited 4g (eg English Lake District).

On top of that in pubs I’d rather not be antisocial. Therefore I just take scores and brief notes on a beer in my personal shorthand, and then flesh them out and upload them later at home when I have free fast WiFi.

Eric’s old app was brilliant for this. As others have noted, doing it in a notepad app is a bit more long-winded.

I also loved Eric’s app for the ability to store an offline, low memory searchable list of beers you’d already rated, making it quick and easy to avoid duplicate rates/ purchases when out and about.


I’d love being able to add beers from the app! Not a priority for me (when I’m apping, I usually don’t have time to properly add anyway), but clearly a good idea.

Ohhh new prototype looks good.

Only major for me, was scores before the text. But the scoring was nice feel, quick easy
Nice clean page. Could do with few more things like abv and rating count but minor things for me.

first time in along time ive got hope


We’re really happy to hear that Craig! :raised_hands:

Our initial prototypes are super quick and dirty; so unfortunately they won’t be able to show all the possible pathways and desired functionality. There is no intention to force a user to score first before you can add a comment.


I’ve been impressed with @aww 's early work on the project as well and we’re getting a quick boost forward in places the site needs it most.


I really hope you release this Offline Functionality really soon.
This could be very useful for times where when you cannot send your review and you get an error message instead.

@joet @aww


Bring on the Off line Rating :smiley: Erics app is struggling with more and more beers having no comercial description and fails with any beers added with new apps. So im totally ready to move once we have offline capability

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  1. Festivals. I use my own festival/drunk-ticker-stenography system to review. It saves me time, time I can use to focus on the tasting experience instead of writing eloquent reviews. And I like to have my final review written in a fairly understandable language. Often beers are not in the database yet, I usually don’t have the time to add them while ticking.

  2. Basic notes according to every scoring category, overall impression etc. These will then be translated to human language once I get the time to do so. I try to write down as much as possible, but it’s mostly in code/abbreviations useless to others.

  3. With Erik’s app it was simple. Just correct most of the spelling errors, fill in the missing words, translate the code/stenography, upload.

The old app seems to get more and more unreliable and I am considering taking notes on paper next time I am in a hurry.


As I’ve written elsewhere, I’ll repeat here in less words.

This app loves clearing out unpublished reviews if anything happens to it. Sometimes even when you press save. That pisses us of more than anything else about it. Offline functionality would automatically be related to some “autosave” function that would prevent that, fixing the biggest remaining issue you are having since 1.0.0..


I have to use the Excel file to search for new items when I travel abroad and I do not have roaming data or WiFi.

Just a thought - would it be possible to change those “7 months ago” time stamps to the actual dates when it comes to offline ratings?

Sometimes it would help placing a “lost” offline rating in a proper period and then identifying more precisely through that.