Extreme Beer Fest Boston 2018


Anyone else coming? I have 17 days trip to Boston Area and also 2 day ticket for this event. I haven’t seen any information but is there usually pre-events in bars or bottle share events somewhere around Boston concerning festival? Might have something interesting in suitcase…


No idea. I am going for the first time this year. MBC did not have any events around town this year or last to my knowledge… that said Extreme Beer Fest has a much larger history in Boston… so might be different…

There haven’t been a ton of rb users there in a while. I go every year, and will be there for Friday night and the first Saturday session, but most of the bottle share style stuff it’s usually organized through other sites I think. I don’t go for much of that usually, so I’m not much help in that area.

I have tickets for the Saturday afternoon session.
This will be my 3 rd consecutive year. Normally friends of mine have a small bottle share and the event itself is normally enough for us.
If you beer mail me closer to the 2 nd of Feb, I can see if my friend (host of bottle share) will allow me to extend a invitation to you.
We still haven’t set our time for our little share yet.

The easiest thing to do is look at Row 34 Facebook page , they normally have great beers on for EBF.
That is the only place off the top of my head that always has special drafts.

Yep just checked Row 34 fb-site and they have mentioned 20 minutes ago about event on Friday (Springdale theme). Row 34 looks great and it is only ~300m from my hotel. I think at some point there was talk about pre-event in Mead Hall organized by Beer Advocate.
I will arrive to Boston and my current plan is something like this.
Monday night: Ginger Man and Fort Point places
Tuesday: Trillium Canton and Roslindale…
Wednesday: Bars in northern part of town…
Thurday: Pre-festival events
Friday: Sightseeing and festival
Saturday: Festival
Sunday: Sightseeing
Monday: Bus to Portsmouth


Yep there is Pre-Fest party at Meadhall on Thursday.

How about Portsmouth? Is Ratebeer beer map updated concerning on Portsmouth. I have hotel for 3 days and looks like quite interesting small beer town. Stoneface, Thirsty Moose, Earth Eagle, Portsmouth Brewery, Tributary, WHYM, Liar’s Bench, Greath Rhytm, Black Birch already on my list…

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The Portsmouth area is up to date. I work in Kittery and visit Portsmouth on a regular basis. All the places you listed are places I would recommend.
I will not give you my 2 cents about which are better because everyone has different tastes and preferences.
However, make sure at some point you stop in at Earth Eagle ( not to be missed)

What did you all think? I felt it was a bit crowded and the entrance was a little difficult. Also lines were a bit insane for some breweries. That said, the beer was pretty good. Awesome to try a bunch of new breweries. I wish they had tables or something where you could place your beers.

Very good event! Huge lines for some breweries but that was not problem because there were good beer everywhere. Epic Big Bad Triple Barrel was phenomenal. Some tables and chairs would have been great because my ankles were spaghetti after three sessions. When I saw Omnipollo slush machines at European festival s I thought this is going to be most stupid thing ever in beer festivals but now… Against the Grain did something very weird whus is even toonhard to describe.
Who was the old guy with hillbilly jeans full of old paper ratings and “Masshole”-t-shirt? Very cool guy and real beer geek.