Falken Hülse Bier Trade

Hi, I’m in the United States and would like to trade American beer for the Swiss Hülse beer. My last name is Hulse and can not find this beer anywhere in the US.


This place claims to ship everywhere. Might be expensive, but worth asking.

Quote: “We also ship abroad, everywhere where the Swiss Post provides.”

I see the appeal of getting that, but going into the trouble of sending beer from here to the US for a macro lager seems questionable. The beer is cheap (~$2 per 500ml can), but the postage fees for parcels to the US are absurd:
1kg fits 1 can for 17CHF / $17.09
2kg fits 3 cans for 31CHF / $31.17
5kg fits ~8 cans for 57CHF / $57.31
10kg fits ~16 cans for 76CHF / $76.42 (I’ll have to check on my boxes though)

I can do this for you, but there’s no guarantees since (to my knowledge) it’s legally not allowed to send alcohol to individuals in the US. What would you offer in return?

It might actually be easier to find a store specialised on Swiss/European food and ask if they can order it for you directly from the brewery.

You’re right it is quite expensive. The website will ship to the US. I think that will be the best way to get the beer. Thank you for the link to the website.



you might be happy to find out that “Hülse” is used for any can of beer in the colloquial language of Austria, Switzerland, and North Germany. Where I’m from, it’s even used for any kind of 500ml beer, also in glass bottles.

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And a Maurerhülse is a Hülse drank by masons, usually a 500ml bottle of cheap export style lager.

I’ll have to warn you that you might get in trouble if you simply order at that shop. Swiss Post will be delivered with USPS, but USPS is not allowed to transport alcoholic beverages. Either they’ll have to send through a different courier, or the shop has to make sure USPS does not find out about the contents. See more info here:


I generally make sure that any USA trades go with USPS. They don’t seem to care that it’s beer, or ‘glass ornaments’. :wink: